6 Reasons Why Cycling Should Be Your Next Exercise

Are you thinking of your next go-to-workout? It doesn’t have to be as strenuous as weight training, but it could be as enjoyable as biking.

Being fit means being physically active. To avoid maladies such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity, one must have a regular activity to maintain a healthy body.  Riding your bicycle is one right way to prevent these health associated risks.

The benefits of this exercise could be as never-ending as the roads you will soon explore. Prepare your best cycling shorts for men and discover the reasons why cycling should be the best option for your next exercise.

1. Helps you to lose weight

To lose weight, the best solution is to burn more calories from your body. While many factors affect the calories build in your body (e.g. quality of sleep and frequency of refuelling), biking remains as one of the most effective ways to burn body calories. Based on experts, this exercise can burn 400-1000 calories per hour. However, it will still depend on the weight of the rider and his intensity.

2. Improves your well-being

According to research, people who maintain an active lifestyle have more than 30% well-being score compared to sluggish individuals. Cycling helps improve the overall mental being by boosting your mood through the release of happy hormones called endorphins. It also boosts your adrenaline, which gives you more strength and energy to do certain things. Going for a solo ride gives you a time to enjoy the view along the road while doing it with a group transforms your social life. Additionally, it improves balance, navigational skills, sleep patterns, and spatial skills.

3. Builds your muscle

This exercise has a resistance element that burns fats and calories and helps strengthen muscles, especially in the lower body. Cycling targets the hamstrings and quadriceps through sequences of pedalling actions. It also enhances the calves and glutes. With great lower body, you can rock those athletic shorts and gym shorts anytime, anywhere.

4. Healthier legs and lugs

Cycling does not just builds leg muscles but also boosts your lungs and its capacity to hold oxygen. It helps you improve your breathing process or the movement of air in and out of your body.

5. Saves more time, money and environment-friendly

Using your bike helps save more time. Unlike using a car, you can get pass through traffics and get rid of parking, which often consumes time. You can also save more money as you don’t have to spend on fuel or gas. But one of its most significant contributions is its help to the environment by reducing air pollution.

6. Reduces risks of heart disease and cancer

The NHS recommends cycling as one of the best forms of exercise as it lowers the chances of obesity, cancer, and heart disease. This exercise increases the heart rate and pumps more blood around the body. With healthy lungs and heart and a good circulation, you can reduce risks of cardiovascular  diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

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