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Last modified: October 24, 2018

Tank Tops



Vivotion Tank Tops Mens tank tops are the solution to wanting to workout even when weather is too warm. Heres our guide to finding the best men's tank tops in 2018 1133
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Tank Tops unnamed Mens tank tops are the solution to wanting to workout even when weather is too warm. Heres our guide to finding the best men's tank tops in 2018

Choosing the Best Men’s Tank Tops in 2018

Sometimes, working out in the gym or outside in a t-shirt can become too hot. And therefore rather uncomfortable to be in for a long period of time. That’s where tank tops come in.

Mens tank tops are the solution to wanting to workout even when the sun is shining brightly, or if the air con in your local gym is broken. Furthermore, tank tops can prevent the restriction your body may face when wearing tight fitted t-shirts with tight fitted sleeves.

This is as men tank tops, especially those with deep cut sleeves, allow you to move as much as you are capable of. They can be a fashion statement on their own. Or they can be the perfect undergarment when you are wanting to wear a hoodie.

Heres our guide to finding the best men’s tank tops in 2018:

Tank Tops

Types of Tank Tops

There are many different styles of tank tops to choose from.


A tank top classed as a stringer is one that has a Y shaped back. Opting for a stringer will ensure you are wearing something that is lightweight and breathable.

Our favourite type of mens stringer tank top is those with deep cuts. This is as it gives the similar feeling to that of working out with no top on. Something that is particularly useful when working out in the warmer months.


A racerback is a style of strapped top. They will often have a T shaped strap located on the back behind the shoulder blades. This allows for easy movement as you are not restricted to sleeves.

Furthermore, when wearing a racerback you are likely to be kept at a cool temperature due to the lack of fabric on the back half of the body.


Athletic tank tops are those that are suitable for working out. For example, running tank tops and bodybuilding tank tops. These two instances would require different types of athletic tank tops, however.

For instance, when running you would be best getting a tank top which is loose fitting. This is as you are less restricted in how far you can push your body. However, for some people, fitted is a prefered option. This is as there is less risk of the excess fabric rubbing on the body, which could cause irritation against the nipple.

Whereas, if wanting to bodybuild. Some may prefer to wear tight fitting low cut tank tops as this way you are able to show off your biceps and upper body muscles. However, loose tank tops can work too, which tank top is best is simply down to personal preference.


Tank tops that are ribbed are the same as normal tank tops on the surface, but the way they are knitted is where the difference lies. Ribbing is where the vertical sitch stripes alternate with the reverse stitch. These are then separated by other stripes.

The outcome of ribbed knitting is that you will have a tank top that is more durable than other knits, and one that is unlikely to lose its shape.

Ribbed tank tops are often made of the natural material cotton.


Muscle tank tops are the style of tank tops for men that are most similar to a t-shirt. However, the difference is as it is as though the sleeves have been cut off a normal t-shirt.

Muscle tops are great for casual wear when in the summer and warmer weather. However, when it comes to workout tank tops, a muscle top may not be the best choice. There are no disadvantages to cause this opinion, however, those with less fabric on the back of the top are much more appropriate for working out.

Tank tops

Best Tank Top Material

Knowing which material of tank tops men can get confusing. Especially if you haven’t been taking notice of what you’ve been wearing before.

Therefore, here are the advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic fibres quickly summed up.


Although natural materials such as cotton are a great material for clothing and are used for most casual wear on the market today. When looking at gym tank tops, natural fibres are not always ideal.

Yes, cotton is breathable, soft and therefore comfortable against the skin as well as versatile, but cotton tank tops can lead to uncomfortableness when wearing them in the gym. This is as it naturally absorbs moisture. Which is a good thing when you’re looking to be kept cool, but when cotton becomes too wet, the fabric can quickly become a nightmare to wear.

Furthermore, something worth noting is the fact that natural materials are hypoallergenic. This means they are unlikely to irritate the skin, and therefore won’t come as a nuisance for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin. They are also breathable, meaning they can be a great option of clothing in the warmer weather.

However, it is important to note that you may find that after a long period of time your cotton tank tops may begin to shrink or lose their shape. This isn’t a sign of a bad quality, cheap tank top, it’s actually just a downside of opting for natural materials.

Therefore, natural cotton tank tops are best if you are looking to do low-intensity workouts. For instance such as yoga tank tops.


On the other hand, synthetic materials such as polyester can make for the ideal gym workout tank top. This is because synthetic materials are proven to be stronger than their natural relatives. Therefore meaning the tank top is likely to be able to stretch further whilst also being more durable. Which of course is ideal if you are looking to wear it regularly for intense workouts.

Similarly, synthetic materials are likely to be able to dry quickly. This is of huge advantage if you are likely to get very sweaty during your workout. And, it may be reassuring to hear that polyester is also able to resist wrinkles and shrinking.

However, don’t fall into the trap of believing the synthetic fabric is all positives. For example, when compared to natural fibres, they are not as breathable, and will often tend to stick to perspiring skin.

Therefore meaning you are likely to finish your workout dry, but you may smell slightly unpleasant.

Tank tops

Best Workouts for Tank Tops

Yes, a tank top is a sensible item of workout attire to wear whatever you are likely to be doing in the gym or in your own time, but there are some certain workouts that we like to think they are perfect for.


No matter if it is running on a treadmill in a hot, stuffy gym, or in the beautiful countryside, a tank top can be a great choice of workout clothing to wear for working out.

Why? Because of the limited amount of fabric which means it is more likely for your body to be cooled down whilst working out as the breeze is more likely to reach the majority of the top half of your body.

Furthermore, as there are no sleeves, there is, therefore, less fabric for your arms to be rubbing against, which for some can appear as an annoyance.


In addition, rowing is another form of workout that a men’s tank tops can be ideal for. This is because of the fact that rowing is an arm-heavy form of working out. Therefore giving your armpits the opportunity to breathe can be a great way to keep cool.

And, for some experienced rowers, the skin on fabric contact that comes when wearing t-shirts with sleeves can be an annoyance. Therefore, by removing the sleeves you are eliminating the potential annoyance. Therefore providing you with a workout where your mind can be completely focused on the job at hand.

HIIT Training

As you are probably aware, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of workout that encompasses a multitude of different types of cardio workouts. These are done for short bursts of time set out over a specific duration.

Exercises you are likely to be completed during a HIIT routine include burpees, squats, press ups and high knees. Therefore, a tank top can be a great choice of clothing to wear when taking part in HIIT. This is as they are a highly versatile item of clothing. They can, therefore, be worn for a number of different exercises.


Next time you plan on working out why not consider looking at working out in a tank top? Either short tank tops or long tank tops could make a difference to how much effort you put into your workout. It may even affect your personal bests. I mean, you don’t know until you try, right?

However, before jumping into the deep end and buying the tank tops that have the best looking design or phrases on them, make sure you are considering why you are buying them.

For instance, if you are buying a tank top to simply lounge around in, or to partake in your local yoga class, a cotton tank top may be best. This is as it will provide you with a great deal of comfort, whilst still absorbing your sweat.

Whereas, if you are looking for a tank top capable of enduring a lot of wear time, and all the sweat that comes with it, a racerback synthetic tank top may be best suited to you.