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Last modified: April 1, 2019

Men’s Workout Stringers | Best Workout Stringers for Men in 2018 | Vivotion



Vivotion Men’s Workout Stringers | Best Workout Stringers for Men in 2018 | Vivotion Men's stringers are a popular type of men's tank top to wear when working out. But what should you be looking for when finding the perfect men’s workout stringer for you? Let’s find out! 1131
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Men’s Workout Stringers | Best Workout Stringers for Men in 2018 | Vivotion unnamed Men's stringers are a popular type of men's tank top to wear when working out. But what should you be looking for when finding the perfect men’s workout stringer for you? Let’s find out!

Choosing the Best Stringers in 2018

Stringers mens are a highly popular type of men’s tank top to wear in the gym and when working out. Or they are can even be worn on a hot summers day in order to show off your arms, chest and back.

But, for many, the name “stringers” can be deceptive. What does the term stringer actually mean? And why are this specific type of tank top known as stringers?

Once more, which is the best material for men’s stringer workout apparel? And what should you be looking for when looking for men’s workout stringers?

Well, let’s begin addressing these questions.

Mens stringers

What are Stringers?

Stringers provide any physically active person with ultimate freedom and flexibility when working out. The “Y” style back on stringers make them suitable to freely get ripped, jacked, cut, shredded, swole, or whatever you want to call it.

This type of activewear is usually lightweight and breathable so it won’t get in the way when you workout. Pushing your limits in the gym during summer can feel irritating when you’re not well-ventilated.

That’s why stringers are comfortable especially during hot days along with heavy workouts. Unlike shirts and tank tops, stringers won’t restrict any upper body movement.

With the wide selection of items on the market, it could be easy to fall for the cheap stringers. However, this would only cost you more if you keep on replacing them with the same item with poor quality.

That makes it important to carefully choose the right stringer. If you tend to settle for budget options, there is a possibility that you get a stringer with a cheap quality material.

It wouldn’t just be useless in wicking sweat, but it can also eventually give you skin irritation.

Deep Cut Men’s Stringers

The design of men’s stringers is so you are able to feel as if you are working out with no top on, but with enough fabric to make sure you are gym and public appropriate.

Low cut mens stringers will have a round neck which will finish just above your nipples if wearing the correct size. The shoulder straps of the top are thin and join together at the back to create a racerback style.

This eliminates the risk of the fabric getting in the way when doing strength workouts such as lifting weights.

Furthermore, men’s low cut stringers open sides are to provide you with additional breathability. This is as the lack of fabric around your armpits and down your sides can give you maximum movement.

However, those with open sides are best when tight fitted. This is as the fabric of the men’s low cut stringers may get in the way when you are working out should it be loose. Something that can become annoying over time.

Best Stringers Material

Mens stringers


A highly used material for t-shirts, cotton is popular due to the comfy feel it can provide against the skin.

Begin a natural material, it is important to note that when worn continuously for a long period of time, cotton is likely to lose its shape.

Therefore, if you have chosen a stringer that is tight in it’s fit, expect it to soon lose the snug fit.


Perhaps one of the more sensible choices of material for stringers, nylon is thin, lightweight, and has the ability to dry quickly.

But, one of the most noteworthy properties of nylon stringers is that they are unlikely to rip.

This is beneficial when wearing stringers. Because, for example, if you were wearing a stringer with low cut side sleeves, and they are loose, you may find that you always catching it.

For instance, when walking past a piece of fitness equipment with parts that stick out, such as a treadmill arm.

Natural or Synthetic?

Choosing natural or synthetic is probably best determined by deciding if you would prefer to be kept dry throughout your workout. Or whether you would prefer to continuously smell fresh.

If you are opting for the smell fairly pleasant throughout your work option, natural materials are recommended. Although considering the fact that although yes, you may not smell, natural materials such as cotton will absorb the liquid. Particularly sweat.

Therefore, you may finish smelling nice, but your stringer will become sodden, something that may leave you feeling uncomfortable both during and the time after your workout.

Whereas, if you like the sound of staying dry throughout the duration of your workout, synthetic may be the ideal. This is as synthetic clothes are known to have sweat-wicking abilities.

This means the sweat is removed from your body. Yes, this may cause you to smell but don’t worry, it can be quickly fixed by doing quick workout clothes wash in your washing machine.

Actually, did you know that washing your clothes can help get rid of builds up of Corynebacteria? This is the specific type of bacteria that can multiply on your clothes, which in turn, is what will cause you to smell.

In our opinion, both natural and synthetic have their advantages and disadvantages when looking at stringers specifically. This is as, when opting for natural materials, ok you will be kept smelling fairly pleasant, but nobody enjoys working out covered in their own sweat.

Whereas, if you choose synthetic, yes you will be dry, but you could smell. Which could be a problem considering the lack of fabric. Therefore, if you are going to choose cotton, don’t forget the deodorant.

Best Workouts for Stringers

Although wearing workout stringers can be applied to many different activities you are likely to find yourself taking part in when at the gym. There are a few occasions where they are the perfect choice of men’s top.

Here are a few of those occasions:

Mens stringers

Lifting Weights

Due to the lack of sleeves gym stringers are the ideal type of top to wear when going topless isn’t an option.

Here are some of our favourite dumbbell exercises men’s gym stringers make easier to do:

Goblet Squat

A goblet squat is where you stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Then, hold one dumbbell with one hand. Sit back into a squat position, and then pull up from your squat position, bringing the dumbbell with you.

Farmer’s Walk

With a dumbbell in each hand, walk forward with short, fast-paced steps. Set yourself a target distance and complete it as quickly as possible.

Bent-Over Row

Keeping your back straight and core tight, row the weights up to your chest. Then lower and repeat. Doing this slowly will test make this exercise more difficult.


Using a step or similar elevated platform, step up onto the platform alternating the leading for each time. Hold the appropriate dumbbell weight in each hand whilst doing this.


Furthermore, men’s stringers for working out can also be ideal for cardio workout such as rowing. Specifically on a rowing machine.

This is as the rowing motion itself can involve constant skin to skin contact if your form is tightly packed.

Therefore, wearing men’s stringers means there is less fabric for your arms to rub against. This, to some people, is a much more comfortable option than wearing a t-shirt or long sleeved top.


Either running outside in the countryside on a hot day, or on a treadmill in the gym, wearing men’s stringers can be the ideal choice of top for working out.

This is as the limited fabric allows more ways for the air to cool down your body. Therefore, reducing the risk of you sweating too much.

HIIT Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a method of exercising where you regularly take part in putting maximum effort into a particular exercise for a number of short periods of time.

These periods have rests, intervals, in between to allow you to catch your breath in between.

It is a method of exercising that claims to be quick and convenient as well as effective at increasing your metabolism. Most of the time, no equipment is needed to complete HIIT.

Now, when looking at men’s stringers for working out. As you can probably tell, stringers are a highly versatile item of clothing. Therefore, perhaps a great choice for those taking part in circuit training, especially HIIT training.

This is as you can easily complete your star jumps, burpees, press ups, squats, high knees and more.


Overall, we see men’s stringers as a must-have item of gym apparel for those confident enough to show off their arms, sides, chest and back.

However, it is important not to dive straight into the buying process.

First of all, consider your size. This is as, especially when purchasing one that has low cut sides, you want to make sure they finish at a length that is appropriate for you.

Because remember, where it finishes on the model in the picture, may not necessarily mean it will finish there on you.

Furthermore, don’t always opt for the cheap men’s stringers. This is as you may find they are uncomfortable and will not be able to last as long as you like.