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Vivotion Tops Finding the perfect women's tops to wear for the right occasion is no easy task. Therefore, read our guide about everything women’s top related. 1157
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Tops unnamed Finding the perfect women's tops to wear for the right occasion is no easy task. Therefore, read our guide about everything women’s top related.

Choosing the Best Women’s Tops in 2018

Being a woman and finding the perfect women’s tops to wear for any occasion is no easy task.

For instance, when working out, do you want a loose fitting or a tight fitting top? Once more, is a crop top or a tunic top appropriate for doing your daily cardio routine?

Or, when looking at tops for wearing casually, what should you be looking for? In winter should you be looking for different tops than women’s summer tops?

And, what exactly defines trendy women’s tops?

Therefore, we have put together this quick guide to help you learn more about everything women’s top related that you may have found yourself asking lately.

Women's tops

What to Look for in Women’s Tops

When looking for the best women’s tops it’s important to first consider a number of factors.

What Size do you need?

Knowing your size is essential to getting the right top. Knowing your correct bra size, hip size waist size and the length of your upper body can be the difference between wearing something that is classed as appropriate and something that is classed as inappropriate.

In order to get the correct measurements. When measuring around the bust, make sure to measure around the fullest part.

When measuring your waist, ensure you are measuring the waistline that occurs naturally.

And lastly, when measuring your hips, measure roughly 20cm down from where your natural waistline occurs.

Is it Appropriate?

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and seeing someone working out in a top that isn’t appropriate for the gym environment. Wearing the wrong attire can not only be an embarrassment for you but may also be awkward for your fellow gym goers.

By inappropriate workout gym tops, we are talking about crop tops that reveal way too much. Yes, in some cases seeing a well-toned female may give you the motivation to work harder so you can achieve the same. But equally, it may make you give up hope.

Furthermore, it is a good idea not to wear anything that is generally uncomfortable to work out in. This is for your own sake rather than anyone else’s.

For example, yes your new cute women’s tops may be amazing with your favourite pair of jeans. But, when worn with gym shorts, this may look silly. Not only that, most of the time casual women’s tops are unlikely to be a suitable fabric to work out in.

Ideally, you want to be looking for cotton and nylon blends or spandex as a gym workout top. Yes, cotton makes for comfy summer tops for women, but as something to work out in, the top is likely to be uncomfortable to wear whilst working out when you become sweaty.

Types of Women’s Tops

There are many types of women’s tops available.

Tank Tops

Women's Tops
A tank top, similar to women’s vest tops, is essentially a t-shirt that doesn’t have sleeves. It will often have thin straplines, and the cut of the armhole can vary in depth.

Women’s tank tops can be the perfect type of top to wear whilst working out at home or in the gym. This is as you will be able to keep cool whilst wearing them. Not only that, the lack of sleeves means you are able to have more freedom in the movements you are able to perform.

For instance, when weightlifting, performing pushups and planks or simply running on the treadmill.

Therefore, a good choice of tank tops for women for those looking to head to the gym in the near future.

Tunic Tops

A women’s tunic top is one that is long in length. It will often be knee length or a couple of inches short of the knee.

Often, a women’s tunic tops will be worn as a dress outfit, with pants, or leggings are worn underneath.

Crop Tops

Women's tops
Tops that are cropped are basically a top that has been cut in half. They are often designed to show off the stomach and is considered a member of the women’s fashion tops category.

For those new to wearing womens crop tops, pseudo crop tops are the best, to begin with. This is as they are shorter than your standard kind of top, but, they don’t reveal any skin.

Therefore getting you used to the idea of a t-shirt short that what you may usually wear. Then, you can slowly opt for crop tops that gradually get more cropped. This way you can ensure you are going to be comfortable to be seen in it.

And, if you love wearing crop tops, why not try the most cropped style, one that may potentially flash a slight bit of navel.

Furthermore, an important tip to remember when wearing crop tops. If you are unwilling to part from your stomach control and your spandex, it may be best to ensure you can’t see it from any angle.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror or get a friend to take a video of you walking, this way you should be able to be certain.

Off Shoulder Tops

Women's Tops
Tops that are considered off-shoulder tops, can also be known as Bardot tops.

They are tops where the shoulder are not covered by the top. The fabric of the top will finish just before reaching the bottom of the shoulder. Hence the name, off shoulder.

Off the shoulder, tops are great for showing off your jewellery such as necklaces and chokers.

However, sometimes a top that is off shoulder may still have thin straps over the shoulder. This is just as a way of making sure the top is unlikely to slip up and down the body. This is then where the sleeves will flow from.

In some cases, this can make it look as though you are wearing a top with a big hole in the sleeve, something that is high in fashion as of late.

In terms of wearing off-shoulder tops when working out, it is possible and many people choose to. Especially those with one sleeve on the shoulder and one sleeve off.

However, personally, we find that it can get annoying having a sleeve that has the potential of constantly moving into different positions during your workout. Causing both stress and maybe even moments of uncomfortableness.

Realistically, off shoulder tops are best when doing less intense exercises such as yoga and pilates.

Women’s Swimwear Tops

When going swimming either at your local pool to complete a few lengths, or alternatively in the sea when you are taking a relaxing summer vacation, knowing what is appropriate to wear can be difficult.

Do you go to the swimming top that you will look best in, or do you go for the one that is likely to protect your skin from the sun?

Well, let’s find out…

Bikini Tops

Women's tops
There are many types of bikini tops that you are likely to come across when looking for the best women’s swimwear tops.

However, the size of your chest will determine which type of women’s bikini tops is best for you.

For example, those with larger chests such opt for bikini tops that have straps and deep V shapes. Underwired tops are likely to help make sure everything is kept in place at all time.

Whereas, on the other hand, for those with chests smaller in size, think about opting for a padded top for added support.

Tankini Top

Women’s tankini tops are those that offer more coverage than a normal bra bikini top would.

Tankinis are favoured amongst women as essentially, you are wearing a bikini in the sense that it is a two-piece swimsuit. However, the difference is that you are unlikely to be showing off your stomach.

Therefore ideal for those who are conscious about revealing too much skin. Or similarly for those who are wanting to be hidden away from the sunlight.

Tankini tops will often have an underwired built-in bra, allowing you to be securely fastened into the tankini. This will also help the swimwear look more flattering.


Overall, there are many women’s cute tops to choose from. In fact, to look through all the trendy tops and dressy tops available in the world, you’d probably have to spend hours upon hours.

There are plus size women’s tops, women’s dressy tank tops, evening tops, women’s sleeveless tops and more.

But, as mentioned at the start of this guide. Knowing what you are looking for to help you find the best women’s tops is essential before you begin searching for the right top.

This is as having a clear mind about the exact style of top you want will save you a whole deal of time.

Yes, sometimes the surprise of the unknown when it comes to shopping and what you may find is exciting and a thrill to some, but going in with a straight mindset may be an advantage.

Because remember, the wrong top material and you may be uncomfortable in the gym.

And, the wrong size swimming top and you may face potential embarrassment at your local pool.