Vivotion Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings Review | Girlfriend Collective Leggings The Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings are flattering, sleek & super-soft. Let’s find out all the details of these beautiful & eco-friendly leggings in our detailed review.
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Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings Review | Girlfriend Collective Leggings unnamed The Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings are flattering, sleek & super-soft. Let’s find out all the details of these beautiful & eco-friendly leggings in our detailed review.
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Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings Review | Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Girlfriend Collective is relatively new to the market, as it was only established in 2016. However, the brand rapidly became popular because they use recycled material to create their products.

Despite our efforts to conserve nature, one of the most significant factors that affect its destruction is through clothes production. That’s why it’s also important to be mindful of the materials used in making our clothes.

Thankfully, Girlfriend Collective thought of a way to reduce trash and transforming it into activewear. Their latest line of workout leggings, called LITE, is made from recycled fishing nets.

Something that makes up 46% of all ocean plastic, as stated on the company’s website. Aside from that, their factory workers in Vietnam are guaranteed fair wages and a safe and happy workplace. That should make any customer delighted to hear that as well!

In case you weren’t aware, the brand first launched their first leggings collection pulling off one of the smartest tactics – giving them away for free! That’s right; they only had to pay for the shipping fee. They ran the promotion from May 2016 to February 2017, until they finally shifted to their e-commerce site.

Enough of all the chitchat because there’s a lot more to talk about these eco-friendly leggings! This detailed Girlfriend leggings review of the Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings will help you decide whether you should get your hands on a pair – or a lot of pairs.

Girlfriend Collective LITE Leggings Detailed Review


Leggings are tight fitting, of course, but what sets the Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings apart from is that they’re available in mid and high-rise styles. These leggings are designed to sit near your belly button so that they won’t emphasise the love handles or belly fat. They are shape-flattering while hiding away those unwanted body fats.

You might think it’s odd for these workout leggings to be made of so-called “trash”, but the material seems to be durable and extremely flexible as well – perfect for those squats!

The Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings are flattering, and they’re breathable. This can keep your body cool after a tiring workout. In fact, the brand markets them as a “next-to-nothing legging for your toughest workouts.”

Leggings can be tough to wear sometimes, but these particular leggings smoothly slide up because they’re silky. However, since they are made of thin material, the lighter tones can be sheer so you might feel like you need a little more coverage.


The Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings will work for most women because they’re available in minimal, solid colours. For example smoke, indigo, and apricot. However, they don’t come in shocking neon colours or distracting cutouts, like other brands of leggings.

So, if you’re not a fan of crazy prints and patterns, these women’s leggings should be on top of your list.

When it comes to size, you might be worried that you won’t fit in these ultra-comfy leggings, but you’ll be glad to hear that their sizes run from XXS to XXXL. The Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings are made for women of all body types, as they also want to promote body positivity through their models.


This leggings collection is called as such because they’re made of LITE material (83% recycled nylon, 17% spandex). Surprisingly, the sustainable material used in the Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings is far lighter and softer.

Unlike other activewear for women than tend to make a hot day even worse, these leggings feel just like a second layer of the skin. But since they make you feel like they’re barely there, you also have to keep panty lines out of sight, so you might want to go with seamless panties on these.


When it comes to the price, I could say that the Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings are quite expensive. But I think they’re given a reasonable price point, given the fact that they’re made of specially-made, eco-friendly material.

There are other cheaper options available, but these leggings won’t quickly wear out, and many of their customers will agree. Plus, when you buy a pair of Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings, a portion of the sales goes to Healthy Seas, an organisation that helps clean up and save marine life. It’s also a little way to help protect the Earth.


So, should you buy a pair of Girlfriend Collective LITE leggings? Wait, do I need to answer that?

Of course, you do! These sustainable workout clothes aren’t just “Earth-savvy”, but they’re super comfy and soft too! No one likes leggings sliding down in the middle of sessions, and the high-rise style is the perfect solution for that.

But I must warn you; it can be tough to decide which colour to get because they’re all pretty! But remember, there’s no harm in buying them all.

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