Types of Workout Shorts Best for Every Sport and Fitness

To a lot of people, men’s gym shorts may look like a simple and ordinary garment. But behind this pair we all use all the time, there’s so much more that will surely save your day and your fitness regime!

We may think of workout shorts as plain and boring. But a pair that can provide you with the maximum freedom of movement comes with a variety of styles.

These designs aim to suit distinct types of runners, athletes and active individuals with their distinct needs. So, whether you take the smooth running track, train as an excellent athlete or regularly hit the gym to stay fit, there is a pair of shorts created perfectly for your needs.

Here are some of the best pick in terms of the type of activity every man chooses to take:

1. Compression Shorts

Almost similar to spandex shorts, men’s compression shorts are made up of a special stretchy material that wraps up your skin fit. It forms your shape and provides extra support for the groin, thighs, and hamstrings.

Some sports require its athletes to wear compressions shorts. Bike shorts swim shorts and trail running shorts are usually made up of compression fabric.

Also, this type can come handy when you want to protect the skin from rashes and chafing. There are theories that say they reduce muscle fatigue when worn after a workout, prevent strain, lessen soreness. Whilst improving muscle oxygenation and blood circulation.

Competitive male athletes commonly wear compression shorts. Triathletes and marathon runners are some of the best examples.

2. Biking Shorts 

While biking shorts can be closely similar to the compression kind, they vary in a few different ways. Bike shorts are recommended more for recreational cyclists, while compression shorts are usually worn by bikers who join serious competitions as duathlon and triathlon.

Bike shorts are mostly made of spandex fabric while compression can be made of it or other synthetic materials like neoprene, which hugs closer to the body.

Also, most bike shorts come with a layer of padding sewn in the saddle area to provide better comfort during long rides.

3. Basketball Shorts 

Basketball shorts for men are specifically made for it such as the bottom apparels for other sports. This is because basketball shorts are made to be longer than the usual knee length, and has more room than most athletic designs.

Also, they are made of performance fabric. This tends to be heavier than the most common polyester material used to create athletic shorts. As per basketball legend Michael Jordan, he has requested longer shorts for habitually holding onto its fabrics in between plays, and everyone followed suit.

4. All-Purpose Shorts 

The all-purpose workout shorts are usually the lose and comfortable type. Since active men need the most comfort and least to worry about in a pair, looser cotton fabrics or cotton blends are recommended. This is as they provide optimal comfort amid free weight sessions.

Also, some designs are made with synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture while sweating your heart out during a fitness routine. These types wash well and require minimal care.

It is the best option to find a looser fit for versatility, allowing plenty of movement. Gym shorts are normally those with strong drawstrings, falling to the mid-thigh or sometimes longer.

Despite this, you need to choose a pair of men’s workout shorts that are not too big during your gym session. This is because they can get along the way and cause some safety issues.

5. Running Shorts 

Running shorts should be always be made of wicking, light and breathable materials regardless of the style. If these characteristics are present in a pair you are looking at, you’re on the right track.

The right fit of men’s running shorts prevent chafing and bouncing. As well as other distractions that could keep you from fully enjoying the sport.

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