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Vivotion Accessories Today, there are so many different workout accessories available. Here are 11 of our favourite workout accessories, that we believe are worth knowing about. 1161
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Accessories unnamed Today, there are so many different workout accessories available. Here are 11 of our favourite workout accessories, that we believe are worth knowing about.

Choosing The Best Workout Accessories 

For some of us, all it takes in getting the motivation for a tough workout is a pair of shoes, some good music and a sufficient exercise area. However, many require workout accessories to help us.

An example of this is considering how much easier is it to go out on a run knowing you recently found the perfect running belt. Or how about going to the gym with some fancy new noise cancelling headphones so you can truly be in your own world.

Workout accessories

Today, there are so many different workout accessories available. From special types of gloves, which are often unnecessary. And fancy smartwatches that can keep track of your workout. Accessories are not only fashion related, they can be workout related to.

Here are 11 of our favourite workout accessories, that we believe are worth knowing about.

Best Workout Accessories

1. Hold the Phone

Workout Accessories
Most of us, especially outside of the gym love nothing more than working out listening to our favourite playlist. But, what you use to play the music can be difficult to house whilst working out.

If you’re using a small mp3 player, it may have a clip allowing you to clip it onto the waist of your shorts or on your shirt sleeve. But, if it is bigger in size often a clip isn’t strong enough, especially if you are looking for iPhone 6 workout accessories.

For those running, why not try a sleeve phone holder.

This is a velcro piece of fabric that can fasten itself around your biceps. It will have a see-through, plastic pocket to place your phone, with a designated hole for your earphone cable. This way you can see what is playing whilst running.

On the other hand, if cycling, try a phone holder mount. This can securely sit on the front of your bike, often your handlebars and will allow you to see your phone whenever you like during your bike ride.

Ideal if following a specific route where directions are required.

2. Running Belt

Workout Accessories
Perhaps not the most stylish fashion accessory in the world, a running belt, can, however, be extremely useful. They can be styled similar to that of a bum bag, or fanny pack. Which is useful for holding lots of items.

However, personally, we like those that are made of stretchy fabric. This means the belt itself is small right up until the moment you put something inside.

Then, when you put something inside, the belt will comfortably fasten around it. Therefore, ideal when only taking keys and your phone with you. You could even fit a mid-workout snack inside if you wanted to.

The belts often fasten by buckle meaning you can be sure it is unlikely to fall down, or off, during your workout. And, they can be applied to other situations too.

For instance, recently I went on holiday and found that a running belt was the perfect place to put my passport and phone. This way I could quickly get them out when needed without having to rummage in my bag first.

3. Running Headband

Workout Accessories
For the perfect compromise between getting sweaty when wearing a hat, and a cold head whilst running in the cold, a running headband could be ideal.

We don’t know about you, but when you have long hair, it can often become a nuisance whilst working out. Stray, damp hairs flicking into your eyes and jumping around can get very annoying.

A running headband can help stop this as a good headband will be able to hold your hair in place.

Not to mention help prevent sweat from dripping down your face. A suitable running headband needs to be moisture-wicking, comfortable and lightweight.

4. Water Bottle

Workout Accessories
Is anything more appreciated during, and after working out, than a refreshing drink of water?

When outside the comfort of your own home, having a water bottle is perhaps essential. In fact, even when not working out, such as going to work, having a water bottle is an easy way to keep you hydrated whilst helping the planet at the same time.

There are many water bottle designs available. For example, your standard water bottle with pop up mouthpiece. This is perhaps a style of water bottle you are most likely to see in your local supermarket and is fine for day to day life.

But, when working out, a wrist bottle may be ideal. Especially when out on a run or power walk. This style of a bottle has a hole in the middle in order to comfortably fit onto your hand. Therefore allowing you to have a secure grip of your drink.

Furthermore, we suggest looking for a clear water bottle with measurements on the side. This way you can easily keep track of how much water you are drinking a day. Something which may be of interest to those serious about their health and wellbeing.

Home Workout Accessories

Not only are the plenty of cool workout accessories to be used when working out outside or in the gym, there are also some home workout accessories essential to getting an effective workout at home.

5. Yoga Mat

Workout Accessories
An essential item for the avid yogi, having a home yoga mat can give you the freedom to stretch your body whenever the mood takes you.

A good quality yoga mat will be non slip. Furthermore, standard yoga mats tend to be 1/8 inch thick whilst the thickest type of yoga mats are likely to be 1/4 inch thick.

However, there are thinner ones available which are often classed as travel mats. These are ideal for those constantly on the move as they can easily fold, are lightweight and therefore can easily be put into a suitcase.

6. Weights

Workout Accessories
Having your own set of weights at home is essential if you ever feel the need to get in a tough cardio workout at home.

These can either be dumbells, or ankle and wrist weights.

Ankle and wrist weights are useful when doing exercises such as star jumps, burpees or running on the spot. Whereas dumbells are better suited to when you are doing core workout routines.

This is as the additional weight can come as an extra challenge.

7. Hand Towel

Workout Accessories
If working out at home, the last thing you want is for your sweat to be dripping all over your living room carpet. Therefore having a towel on hand is ideal.

This is as you can quickly wipe away the sweat as it’s just about to leave your body. We recommend having a few. Especially if you workout regularly.

By doing this, you can take one to the gym and use one at home whilst having a spare for when one in the wash.

8. Smart Watch

Workout accessories
Possessing a smartwatch is one easy way you can keep track of your exercise at home. Or outside of the gym environment at least.

Any standard smartwatch is able to keep track of the steps you are taking in a day. As well as how many minutes you are active throughout the day.

And, many come with included smartphone apps allowing you a convenient place to keep track of all your history. Here, you can also log your weight, as well as keeping track of the calories you consume.

When working out, heart rate sensors can help you monitor your heart rate during various exercises. These are really useful as you can see what your minimum, average and maximum heart rate is at various points.

This helps you to clearly see how much effort you are putting in as well as how many calories you are likely to burn.

Accessories Workout

Besides the accessories listed above, that can help you get a good workout. Don’t forget about the essentials you may not even classify as an accessory.

9. Bag

Workout accessories
Let’s be real, nobody wants to have to suffer the smell of your gym clothes after a long hard workout. Therefore, having a bag that can comfortably hold them all is essential.

Ideally, a bag that is large enough to fit your workout clothes, gym shoes and water bottle is the size you are looking for.

And, there are smart gym bags available too. Designed for those who travel to the gym after work and therefore have to attend work with their gym bag in tow.

10. Deodrant

Workout Accessories
Never forget deodrant when going to the gym. It is one thing your fellow gym acquantances will very much appreciate.

Nobody wants to be caught out after a sweaty workout to not have anyway of making themselves suitable for the public.

We like to use deodorants which are all-natural. This way we can be sure the deodorant will be non-sticky, unlikely to clog our pores. And most importantly, won’t stain our clothes.

11. Blender Bottle

The time between being at home and going to the gym can often be limited. Sometimes, if going first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is to wake up an extra five minutes early to prepare your pre-workout shake.

Or, perhaps when you finish your workout you have to go straight to work.

Therefore, a blender bottle may become a much need friend.

A blender bottle is a bottle with built-in blender allowing you to quickly add the required ingredients to your bottle and mix on the go.

Or, you can make your protein station portable. For example, by simply taking your ingredients in small washable pots you can easily make your protein shakes wherever you are.


Overall, as you are most likely aware, the amount of workout accessories available are never-ending.

Both mens workout accessories and workout accessories for women can be highly beneficial for fitting a sufficient workout into your daily routine.

Therefore, next time you plan to go and workout, or if you are looking for some added motivation, why not consider the accessories you want to use.

You never know, the thought of a new running belt with matching headband may be the much-thanked push you never knew you needed.

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