4 Best Workout Underwear for Men 2018 | Best Exercise Underwear for Gym

Last modified: April 1, 2019

4 Best Workout Underwear for Men 2018 | Best Exercise Underwear for Gym

Underwear and socks for men


Underwear and socks for men
Vivotion 4 Best Workout Underwear for Men 2018 | Best Exercise Underwear for Gym Knowing & finding the best men’s underwear is not always easy. As with many types of clothing, there are a number of different types of men’s underwear to choose from. Here is a quick guide for your help. 1139
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4 Best Workout Underwear for Men 2018 | Best Exercise Underwear for Gym Underwear and socks for men Knowing & finding the best men’s underwear is not always easy. As with many types of clothing, there are a number of different types of men’s underwear to choose from. Here is a quick guide for your help.
Underwear and socks for men
Underwear and socks for men

Choosing the Best Men’s Underwear and Socks in 2018

Perhaps the most important type of clothing we could wear, underwear and socks, can also be complicated.

Yes, many of us choose to go commando on a regular basis. And many of us prefer not to wear socks. Especially if we aren’t wearing any type of footwear.

However, the correct type of underwear and socks could be the difference between chafing on your thighs and blisters on your feet.

Indeed, the often overlooked underwear and socks really could give you that extra slice of comfort during your day. No matter if you’re sitting at a desk, completing your daily errands, or working out at the gym.

Underwear and socks for men

Mens Underwear

First of all, let’s address the first half of underwear and socks. The underwear.

As with many types of clothing, there are a number of different types of men’s underwear to choose from. From men’s mesh underwear, sexy men’s underwear or even the standard men’s boxers. The list goes on.

But, which style of underwear should you be looking for? And then, which fabric do you require?

Here is some quick advice.

Boxer Shorts

Underwear and socks for men
A highly popular type of men’s underwear, boxers underwear are loose and therefore are known for offering a small amount of support.

The majority of boxers will come with an elasticated waistband and flies made up of a button or two.

The advantages of boxers underwear are that they are loose and airy, making them the most comfortable men’s breathable underwear for sleeping in.

Furthermore, they are made of absorbent cotton which will be comfortable against the skin. And lastly they are hard-wearing.

Whereas, the disadvantages of boxers are they that when worn out, they are likely to get bunched up high against your legs when underneath bottoms such as jeans, or tight-fitting joggers.

Furthermore, although cotton is comfortable on the skin, a cotton underwear waistband may prove to be less comfortable than those with an elastic waistband.

And, if you are planning to take part in physical activities, the small amount of support provided by boxers probably means wearing these types of mens long underwear isn’t a good idea.


Men’s briefs are best described as having an elastic waistband, no leg, and a small amount of coverage. Most often, they will have a fly in the shape of the letter Y.

Furthermore, although no leg, there is most likely going to be enough fabric to cover the waist to the top of the thigh, providing full coverage of the buttocks.

Furthermore, unlike boxer shorts, briefs are able to provide a high level of support and are unlikely to bunch and rise up. This is due to the tighter fit design of the underwear.

The shape of this underwear actually makes them ideal for those working at a desk all day. This is thanks to the natural crease that appears between the body and leg.

Advantages of men’s underwear briefs include elongation of the leg. Unlikely to experience bunching of the material. And they are ideal for skinny jeans.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of briefs are that some believe they are a choice of underwear that may be seen as old-fashioned. Which, of course, is only a disadvantage to some.

Another disadvantage is that they may accentuate those with a slightly bigger belly than average.

Trunks & Boxer Briefs

Underwear and Socks for Men

Boxer briefs and trunks are the best of both worlds. If the two worlds in question were boxers and briefs. Realistically, they are the shape of boxers with the tightness and support of briefs.

Boxer briefs usually have double the amount of leg material than trunks.

This makes them ideal if you are looking for the best men’s underwear for working out. They can also ensure you look good no matter if you are in good shape or not.

The main advantage of trunks and boxer brief underwear are that they are able to work well under all kinds of clothes. Including skinny trousers, shorts or joggers.

Although, perhaps the only disadvantage, if you are likely to be sitting around all day there are better alternatives such as briefs. However, they are still more comfortable than boxer shorts due to the tighter fit.

G-Strings, Bikinis & Thongs

Underwear and Socks for Men
Not all men find these types of underwear to be comfortable. Therefore, they are by no means for everybody.

Realistically, those that can pull them off well, will often have well-sculpted bodies.

When compamen’s to briefs, men’s bikini underwear is similar, but smaller in size. Exposing the whole of your thigh, you are still able to maintain your modesty thanks to a small front pouch.

Similarly, mens thong underwear is known for offering little coverage. Thin fabrics will connect to the front where a small amount of material is. However, wearing a thong will leave the buttocks fully exposed.

On the other hand, a g-string shows even more flesh than any other type of underwear. Usually made of spandex or nylon, the waistband is likely to be extremely thin.

The advantages of these three types of underwear are that you will never have the problem of bunching as there is little material available to bunch up.

However, a disadvantage would be that the string that sits in between your cheeks may be uncomfortable and could take a while to get used to.

Best Men’s Underwear Material

Material Features
  • Natural Material
  • Breathable and Absorbent
  • Easy to Launder
  • May Shrink
  • Colour may Fade
  • Not always soft
  • Shrink Resistant
  • Unlikely to Fade
  • 3X softer than cotton
  • Breathable
  • Not as strong as Cotton when dry
  • Shrink Resistant
  • Strong
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Naturally stops bacterial growth
  • Eco-friendly
  • Soft

Types of Mens Socks

Now for the other half of men’s underwear and socks. The socks.

Were you aware that different scenarios require different types of socks?

For example slipper socks, yoga socks, waterproof socks and even heated socks.

Yes, when going on a run you could wear the thick socks you like to wear in bed. But, by the end of the run, your socks are likely to be damp and smelly.

That’s why we created this list of the socks we believe are worth knowing about:

underwear and socks for men

Hiking Socks

The best hiking socks are those that can provide you with enough comfort to last a long period of time. They should also be thick enough to prevent the appearance of blisters. Which we know, in fact, are pretty certain, none of you wants.

Crew Socks

Crew socks are those that finish somewhere between your mid-calf and ankle. Therefore a size that can easily cover the area of your walking and hiking boots.

They can be thick and are usually ribbed at the top.

Liner Socks

Unlike crew socks, liner socks are thin. They are for, well, what the name suggests. Lining.

Liner socks are often worn under a much thicker pair of socks as a way of wicking moisture away. This removes a potential cause of friction and can, therefore, help to prevent blisters.

Double Layer

The thickets type of walking socks, they tend to have a built-in lining included within the sock.

Therefore having the properties of liner socks and crew socks combined.

Comfort for those long distance walks, with the lining to remove moisture and help prevent your feet from beginning to turn red and painful.

Compression Socks

The best compression socks are those that are correct in fit. This is as too tight and the socks may become uncomfortable. Whereas too loose and they may not work to their full potential.

The point of compression socks, particularly when running, is to reduce any possible side-to-side movement. This movement is featured in your calf muscles when your feet hit the ground.

Therefore having the potential of reducing the chance of muscle damage. Or even worse, injury.

Although, if you are thinking about investing in a pair of compression socks, consider whether you are a victim of regular leg swelling or if you have circulatory problems.

If this is the case, check with a medical professional to check whether compression socks are sensible.

Underwear and socks for men

Workout Socks

Also known as ankle socks, these socks go no higher than your ankle. Or, think of it as the sock going not much higher than your trainer.

The fact the sock is low in height could mean that these socks are the best running socks during warmer months. This is as they allow the lower half of your legs to feel the breeze of the cool air whilst you are running.


Never underestimate the importance of underwear and socks.

One, the wrong size of socks could constantly be slipping down beneath your feet during your workout. Causing a whole heap of annoyance.

Two, the wrong style of sock, and you may find yourself grimacing in pain as you take off your shoes and socks to reveal a number of blisters.

Three, the wrong style of underwear, such as a man’s thong, and you may find yourself uncomfortable when working out.

And four, the wrong size of underwear, and you may find that you begin to chafe.

Of course, there will always be people who make the brave decision not to wear either. But, this doesn’t mean taking extra care and consideration into your underwear and sock buying process is a bad thing.