Practical Tips in Pulling Off Men’s Tank Tops Outside Workout

Working out in men’s tank tops redeems us from extra weight and provides more freedom of movement while sweating our hearts out. Aside from this, the famous apparel tends to be a typical style among a lot of guys at present.

However, most of them fail to pull tanks tops off good, making them look more like doing a low-key fitness photo shoot rather than a normal day at the city.

So if you are planning to run errands with your workout tank tops, here are some styling tips you could use so you won’t be a member of the “skank-top” gang during the summer.

Practical Tips in Pulling Off Men's Tank Tops Outside Workout

1. Chest Workouts Pair Tanks Well

If you plan to wear your tank tops on a casual basis, you can adjust your workout routine to be a bit more focused on the upper body. You don’t need to have a massive chest like the rock to wear one though, just enough exercise to avoid any sag.

Some of the routines you can do to achieve so are renegade rows, wall walks, and a double-dumbbell bench press. It wouldn’t hurt much if you make sure your chest is tank-top worthy before wearing one.

2. Make Sure Your Body Hair Are Under Control

This might be an obvious requirement, but a little reminder will be helpful if you haven’t entirely checked that body hair for a while now. Before deciding on pulling off a tank top, it will be best to tame that chest hair, rid your shoulders of strays, trim your pits, tend to the back of your head, and kill your neckbeard.

You can also shave your facial hair on a fashion that compliments that summer look. A little stubble will do you good.

Practical Tips in Pulling Off Men's Tank Tops Outside Workout

3. Wear A Stylish Tank Top

If you haven’t bought one yet, it will be a great help to distinguish what looks right. There are famous fitness epitomes that wear tank tops more than well.

Inspire your choice on celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Kanye West and Lewis Hamilton who show just the right amount of skin on their tanks. These dudes pull off their tanks that don’t look suffocating and seems simply suitable for the occasion.

Nevertheless, you will know what type suits your body type best. Don’t be afraid to refer to some online style guides.

4. Know the No-No’s 

Bet you can easily picture a terrible tank top style on your mind. Nevertheless, it will never hurt to remind yourself that things can get off track sometimes.

For example, extremely buff guys who wear stringers can be a pain in the eye if you see them outside the gym. Also, tanks that barely cover the nipples are a no-no as well as one paired with big gold chains on the neck.

When in doubt, stay simple.

Practical Tips in Pulling Off Men's Tank Tops Outside Workout

5. Shop Smart 

There are a lot more to consider aside from style if you want to have the best tank top. Especially if working out is the most occasion you will wear it in, look for the best material that wicks away sweat and keeps you breathable.

Also in terms of colours and patterns, find a good tank that’s not too bright to catch unnecessary attention and not too dull. You should as well find a good balance between fitted and loose.

For the most ideal look, opt for tanks that fall just below your belt loops and let your arms move freely without showing off much of your abdomen.

6. Wear a Stylish Tank For the Beach

If the summer getaway is on your wear-a-tank-top list, you might as well get the best top to compliment your board shorts or swimming trunks. Loose styles and simple stripes can d0 you good enough.

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