Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Review

Last modified: December 18, 2018

Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Review



Vivotion Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Review This tank is comparable to those of other established brands. It features a unique Goldfusion technology, which you will know more about later. 4714
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Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Review unnamed This tank is comparable to those of other established brands. It features a unique Goldfusion technology, which you will know more about later.

Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Review

If you find yourself easily exhausted than others when working out, it’s probably because you’re not wearing the right clothes. While a good pair of shoes and an upbeat playlist are considered to keep you motivated, you also need to focus on what you wear.

A lot of men don’t bother investing in the right workout clothes as they don’t find it necessary. But, just like women, men should also aim to “look good and feel good” when they’re in the gym or the pavements.

Start off by ditching your old cotton shirts and upgrade them to gym-appropriate tops. It can be difficult at first to make a switch, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

To save your time from looking around, I already did the homework for you. I researched for the best workout tops on the market today, and I came across the Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank. If you’ve never heard of this brand, then you’re missing out on A LOT.

This tank is comparable to those of other established brands. It features a unique Goldfusion technology, which you will know more about later. With the proper workout gear,  you’ll be able to make the most out of your workout every time.

Read along and find out why this workout top will suit you best.

Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank Detailed Review


This tank top is made for men of all body types. Whether you’re swole or not, you’ll find the Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank a perfect fit. It’s a slim fit but still allows enough room for full range motion.

The arms holes on this one aren’t too dropped, which is unlike other tank tops that are intended for those with broad shoulders and chests. If you prefer a looser top for your activities, you can opt for the bigger size.

It comes in two colours – Navy and Black – and it’s available from sizes Small to XXL. If you’re not sure about your size, they have a guide to help you choose which one suits you best.


The Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank is ultra-lightweight and moisture-wicking, enduring even the toughest workouts. Well, those features are quite common in many workout tops, but this one bears one unique feature – the Goldfusion technology.

According to Rhone’s CEO, Nate Checketts, he thought of this kind of technology because of one reason – “men stink.” The Goldfusion technology is an eco-friendly fabric treatment wherein real gold particles are infused. This makes any clothing item dry up to 3x faster, 3x more durable is UV protective and permanently controls odour.

It’s guaranteed to be effective, which means you can wear this top for a few days without the need for washing. This unique technology also prevents your body from overheating during workouts because of its increased evaporative cooling.


Aside from being extremely lightweight and soft,  this top is also created with flatlock stitching. This ensures that you won’t experience any chafing during workout sessions. It’s made of a blend of polyester and spandex, and of course, infused with Goldfusion technology.

Did you notice the cross-stitch on the front? That’s not just a simple stitch; it’s actually symbolic for the brand. That cross-stitch represents the three pillars of the Rhone’s products – form, fit and function.


Because of its premium quality and unique technology, you can’t expect this tank top to fall on a budget range. However, it’s still offered at a reasonable price that won’t break your bank. The Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank is a worthwhile investment because it’s guaranteed to last for a long time.

Plus, it has already received a lot of raved reviews, so you know you’re making the right purchase.


All in all, the Rhone Sentry Bulldog Tank is an excellent workout companion, especially if you’re a bodybuilder. It’s sweat-wicking, quick drying, lightweight, and it prevents bad odour.

Its fabric, infused with Goldfusion technology, makes the difference, and you’ll immediately feel it when you use it for working out. This tank top is also suitable for any casual outfit, just pair it with your favourite pair of short, and you’re good to go!

Once you try this on, you’ll never go back to your old tank tops – and you’ll want more.

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