Women’s Runderwear™ Brief Review

No matter if you’re wearing the best workout gear out there, if you’re not in the right underwear, then you’re doing it all wrong.

But how is an everyday underwear different from a workout underwear? The common misconception when it comes to workout underwears is merely avoiding panty lines – but this isn’t enough. It’s also important to consider the material of your underwear, and the first thing you should remember is to stay away from COTTON.

The reason behind this is that cotton is a non-breathable fabric, which means it traps sweat inside. As a result, it’s not only uncomfortable, but it also increases your risk for yeast infections as well as pH imbalance, which can lead to vaginitis.

That’s why moisture-wicking and breathable underwears should be on top of your workout gear shopping list. A good workout underwear incredibly helps in keeping your temperature regulated during a  sweaty session.

And when talking about workout underwears, the Women’s Runderwear™ Brief is a popular choice. It features all the ideal characteristics of an excellent workout underwear – chafe-free, breathable, comfortable and moisture-wicking.

But how does this underwear get the job done? Let’s take a closer look at its features and figure out why it received rave reviews from women around the world!

Women’s Runderwear™ Brief Detailed Review


If you think cotton underwears are the comfiest out there, then you ‘re missing half of your life. The Women’s Runderwear™ Brief is made of ultra-lightweight materials that make you feel like you’re not even wearing anything underneath.

Although this is said to be for running, it’s also suitable for any kind of workout whether indoor or outdoor. You can also use it when travelling, or even every day if you wish to.

It’s available from size Small to XL, and it’s really stretchable so even women with curvy bodies can enjoy this underwear. If you’ve been experiencing chafing, chomping or riding up from your regular underwear, it’s time to switch to these. They’re guaranteed to stay in place even during a high-impact workout session or activity.


The Women’s Runderwear™ Brief is designed to give you maximum comfort whilst sweaty workouts. It features a 360-degree seamless technology construction which doesn’t only keep panty lines out of sight but also prevents irritation, rubbing, and digging into your skin.

This underwear also guarantees a chafe-free workout with the help of its functional flatlock edging. It’s a type of fine stitching that results in a premium finish and keeps the underwear in place, so it doesn’t ride up.

And of course, the essential element in any workout gear is the moisture-wicking ability. The Women’s Runderwear™ Brief consists of a technical fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you dry all day.


Did you know that your private area down there can get suffocated when it’s not well-ventilated? Yes, it’s true. As a result, you won’t only feel sweaty, but it can also lead to irritation. In worst cases, wearing the wrong underwear can also result to urinary tract infection.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your underwear is made of breathable materials to avoid any complications. Luckily, the Women’s Runderwear™ Brief features carefully positioned micro perforations that control airflow. It helps maximise breathability and regulate your body’s temperature while you’re working a sweat.

This underwear keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable, so you can always focus on working hard and achieving your best without any worries.


There are a lot of cheaper options than the Women’s Runderwear™ Brief on the marketplace. Yet, in terms of quality and functionality, it’s worth the shot. You’ll appreciate its value more after a while because you’ll see how it retains colour, shape and performance over time!

This brief is your ultimate solution to keep sweat out of the way. It’s not only suitable for running, hiking, or during exercise. It also keeps you cool down there when going out during hot summer days.


After reviewing this product, I now understand why the Women’s Runderwear™ Brief has received a landslide of positive reviews from its customers. It could cost you more than you would typically pay for underwear, but with its quality and performance, you’ll get more than what you paid for.

This brief is really comfortable, and I guarantee you’ll never want to wear cotton underwears again when you try one of these.

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