This Latest Wellness Trend Called Naked Yoga is Purity, Honesty, and Freedom Combined

The wellness industry has made leaps and bounds in the recent years. With the social media becoming a platform to flaunt sexy bodies and alluring physiques, many people are investing themselves in workout and training. 

One of the latest trends today in the world of wellness is naked yoga. Just like what you imagine, this exercise will require bravery as you need to strip down and go bare before you perform routines.

Now don’t be sad that you wouldn’t be able to wear your best hoodies for workouts because the sacrifice is undoubtedly worth it.

Not Sexual

Yoga is an effective way to connect the mind and the body. With the increasing popularity of the exercise, people have come up with different kinds of yoga such as yin yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga with animals, beer yoga, and now the naked yoga.

This time being naked doesn’t mean being sexual. It conveys comfort and freedom as you and your movements will not be restricted by the clothes you wear.

The idea came into existence two years ago when Naked in Motion started a class in 2016, with the goal to deepen yoga experience by removing barriers between a person and the mat. Now, the naked yoga has become popular across the United States, with Hollywood stars Lady Gaga and Matthew McConaughey rumoured to be a part of its growing fans. And as naked yoga catches the attention of social media users, it has now reached the United Kingdom, and studious are starting to host classes.

An instructor from Italy named Doria Gani called naked yoga experience as ‘freedom in the purest way.’

“The way I felt [when I first tried it] was so liberating, I didn’t feel any barriers, any restrictions or inhibitions. I was in the middle of the desert, the sun was shining and there was an amazing energy. That’s when I thought that everyone should experience the same feeling; to stop having the fear that we might be judged by other people. It was freedom in the purest way.”

No Gimmick

While other types of yoga emerging today seem to be a form of gimmick or a marketing strategy, naked yoga remains honest with its purpose in connecting the mind and body. In fact, this exercise has been practised by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Naked yoga combines freedom, purity, and honesty in one exercise, which brings a higher level of body confidence.

“We were born naked, so why should we be ashamed of it in life? That’s what I’m trying to teach with my yoga,” stressed Doria.

A male naked yoga teacher echoed the same sentiment about the exercise, saying that there it is an honest practice as we have nothing to hide.

“Getting naked can be a big step for many people. At its root, yoga – naked or not – is about connecting with your breath and your body. You learn to accept your limits and explore your capacities. With naked yoga, students have nowhere to hide, it is a very honest practice.”

Watch it in the video below:


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