Here are the Best T-Shirt Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

You might have been disregarding the kind of fabric in choosing your workout t-shirts. But it can have a significant impact on the effectivity of your fitness exercise.

There are fabrics that leave you soaking in sweat after your routine while some that just makes you feel uncomfortable while running in trails. So if you want to get the best out of getting fit, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric.

Here are some of the best types of fabrics used on workout t-shirts that suit different kinds of exercise.

Fitness Fabrics and their Best Uses 

1. Bamboo

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

Bamboo pulp produces a natural fabric that’s light, breathable and has moisture-wicking abilities. Wearing a workout t-shirt for women made with this material also protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Users of the bamboo-based t-shirts say that it feels soft, it repels odour and regulates temperature. Aside from this, some makers of the bamboo fabric blend this chemical-free material with organic cotton, wool and spandex for better performance during the workout.

All in all, this type of fabric will make you stay fresh, dry and sun-protected during a marathon or while simply running errands.

2. Cotton

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

In terms of avoiding whiff in workout apparels, cotton wins over polyester. This is because studies discovered that it provides less post-workout stench compared to polyester since synthetic fabrics allow the multiplication of stink-causing bacteria.
Despite that benefit, cotton t-shirts absorb all the moisture from your body. This means that by the end of an extensive workout, you will mostly feel soaked up in your shirt.

For yoga, weightlifting, sweat activities and running long roads, cotton blends are the best pick.

3. Polyester

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

Polyester is one of the most famous types of workout fabrics that’s primarily plastic cloth. It is efficient as a fitness apparel because it’s durable, lightweight, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and non-absorbent.

This is where polyester becomes better than cotton during a workout. Its non-absorbent property makes moisture evaporate from your skin instead of drawing it to the material.

Also, polyester fabric insulates you even when wet and repels UV rays from your body. However, polyester’s major drawback is its stink factor.

Since synthetic material can foster the growth of bacteria and doesn’t dry as quickly as polypropylene or nylon, it can cause a stench in people during the workout.

4. Nylon

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

This is a synthetic fabric known for being soft as silk. It’s most famously used in women’s stockings. This material is mildew resistant and quickly dries.

Nylon is found in various kinds of sportswear for being breathable and sweat-wicking. In fact, a lot of its users say that it can stand up to even the sweatiest of workouts.

It also has an impressive stretch that allows you to move your arms freely.

5. Polypropylene

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

Similar to polyester, polypropylene is made from plastic. Unlike polyester though, the synthetic material used in this fabric is totally water-resistant.

This means that despite getting wet for various reasons during a workout, wearing polypropylene t-shirt will make what’s touching you from inside feel completely dry.

Polypropylene forces moisture to pass through its fibres. It expels sweat to the fabric’s surface where it can evaporate.

6. Spandex

Best Performance Fabrics to Suit Your Fitness Needs

Spandex is the best material in gym t-shirts in terms of providing stretch. This synthetic fabric can expand to almost 600 per cent of its actual size.

It is also breathable, moisture-wicking and easily-drying. Spandex is widely used in compression apparel and form-fitting exercises as yoga and ballet.

One of the most important features of spandex is that it is resistant to perspiration. This includes sea water, sweat, various dry cleaning methods as well as some suntan lotion.

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