RYU EveryWear Jogger Review

Gone are the days when joggers pants are only for the lame. They used to be baggy on the legs then tapered at the bottom, but now, they’re mostly slim fit and sleek. This type of active gear is not made particularly for joggers alone.

As a matter of fact, modern jogger pants are slowly becoming a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It’s because they’re not just designed for jogging, but also to be paired with a casual outfit. Nowadays, even regular jeans are designed to look like joggers, but of course, they’re not meant for an active lifestyle.

But there are some joggers that you can take from a morning jog to an afternoon hangout with your friends. One popular choice when it comes to these is the RYU EveryWear Jogger. It’s sleek and aesthetic, but it’s still built to fit an active body.

In case you’re wondering, RYU means “Respect Your Universe,” and the brand offers a wide variety of athleisure products.

Although it doesn’t look like the regular joggers that we all know of, but believe me, it’s better. As described by the brand, you can take this jogger with you “To the gym, at the gym, to the office, on the weekend.”

Now, let’s take a closer look at its features and see how it stands out from other joggers.

RYU EveryWear Jogger Detailed Review


The EveryWear Jogger features a “tailored relaxed fit” which means it’s a regular cut with a tapered leg with a cuff at the end. Originally, it was only available in S-XXL, but upon looking at their website, it now offers a fit for tall men. In between the usual sizes, there are “tall” fits, so there’s small tall, medium tall, and so on.

What I like about these is that they’re not made to be super skinny, like other joggers. Instead, fit just right, leaving a little allowance, so it still looks decent.

This jogger sits directly at the hips, and it comes with an internal waist drawcord, so it feels secure all the time. It also has a locker Loop, making it easy to hang anywhere.


Right off the bat, you’ll see immediately appreciate how the joggers look on the models. But apart from a nice fit, they also have a variety of features that can help enhance your performance. First, let’s talk about the fabric. It isn’t very obvious, but the RYU EveryWear Jogger is very stretchy as it’s said to be “engineered to move.”

That’s made possible with the Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro fabric, which consists of 52% Nylon, 18% Polyester and 30% Lycra. The massive amount of Lycra (spandex) material is twice the amount compared to other tights, so can you imagine how stretchy these joggers are?

Aside from that, it also features a mesh lined zip pockets, on both front sides and one at the back, that ventilate air when your body temperature heats up.


Of course, it’s not good activewear if it’s not sweat-wicking. Thankfully, this jogger is incorporated with hydrophilic polyester inner twill knit that rapidly transfers moisture from your body to the air.

The RYU EveryWear Jogger is also extremely lightweight so you won’t feel like dragging something heavy whilst running. These joggers are suitable for gym, boxing, cross training, or even just for lounging. Even though they’re breathable and sweat-wicking, these joggers can also keep you warm when winter is about to arrive.

It also boasts a  double-plied nylon exterior that ensures superior durability, so you’re guaranteed of a good value for your money.


And speaking of money, there’s no denying that you’ll this jogger retails at quite an expensive price. You can opt for cheaper options, but you won’t get the same functionality and durability that this one offers.

Despite its high price range, I still think that the RYU EveryWear Jogger is a worthwhile investment. With its durability and performance, you’ll never regret a penny you spent.


If you want to save up from buying multiple pants for different occasions, then I recommend these joggers. As the brand says, “This one Jogger does it all.” It’s long-lasting, stylish, and most of all, it’s suitable for working out.

The features of the RYU EveryWear Jogger are unlike any other, so it’s definitely one to splurge on.

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