Relieve Your Shoulder Pain with These Mobility Exercises

Did you know that our shoulder is the most mobile joint as it, the main shoulder, allows a very wide range of movement in our bodies? You happen to be in this article as your brain has been debating all the questions and answers about the causes of shoulder pain.

A problem in the shoulder joint isn’t always the reason why your shoulder is in pain. In fact, there are many causes of shoulder pain, including the problems in your neck.

However, for some, they experience this kind of pain due to a particular cause such as arthritis. If the ways to relieve your shoulder pain is what you’re looking for, then look no further.

In this article, we have provided you with mobility exercises that will guarantee you with a shoulder pain-free. But before anything else, did you know that many require workout accessories to help us?

That’s why choosing the best workout accessories would be a big help. So make sure you look for the best workout accessories that suit you before trying these exercises out.

Mobility Exercises to Relieve Your Shoulder Pain

Below, we have provided you with some YouTube workouts from different fitness experts to help you complete the routine. Are you ready to relieve your shoulder pain?

1. Scapula Shrugs

Through isolating the movement of the shoulder blades, this exercise is a preeminent mobility workout drill that is great for loosening up the musculature around your upper back. Below, you can follow the YouTube workout courtesy of Antranik DotOrg.

Note: Continue to shrug in and out for 15 repetitions.

2. Thread The Needle

If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day long, Thread the Needle is what you needed as it is known as one of the great stretches that give you mobility in your thoracic spine whilst taking the pressure off your lower back. Below, you can follow the YouTube workout courtesy of Six Physio.

Note: Hold for 5 breaths per side.

3. Arm Circles

According to eHow, this exercise is a perfect way to improve the range of motion and get strength back if you’re going do it as a physical therapy for your shoulder. Below, you can follow the YouTube workout courtesy of ehowhealth.

Note: Complete 5 circles forward and 5 circles back then switch sides.

4. Upper Back Bend and Stretch

The Upper Back Bend and Stretch target your upper back, and of course, your shoulders with a variant for the neck. Below, you can follow the YouTube workout courtesy of Fit & Bendy.

Note: Just allow the natural weight of your hands to drape your chin to your chest. Make sure not to pull on your head or neck. Continue to alternate between these two positions for 5 repetitions.

5. Wall Stretch

Did you know that you can relieve your shoulder pain by doing a wall stretch? This kind of stretch not only relieves the tension on your lower back, but also soothes your swollen or cramped feet and legs.

Below, we have provided you with a YouTube workout to guide you throughout this routine courtesy of [BackSpace] Chiropractic Fitness TV.

There you have it! We hope these exercises will help you relieve your shoulder pain in no time.

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