Here are the Most Helpful Ways to Prevent Chafing in Men’s Gym Shorts

What is Chafing?

Chafing is a common problem among marathon runners. But, this burning sensation isn’t only a runner’s problem, all repetitive movements in fitness routines may cause a similar scenario.

For example, swinging a kettlebell, doing sprint drills and riding a bike may leave your skin vulnerable. These activities may increase your chances of rubbing the wrong way.

One of the most common – if not the top – chafed areas is between your thighs. It happens when your legs rub against each other while running or doing repetitive routines that include the legs.

This means that one of the most effective ways of preventing it is choosing the perfect gym shorts and wearing them the right way. If they are comfortable enough to be soft, moisture-wicking and reduces rubbing among your inner thighs, it’s an excellent pick.

Here are the most helpful ways to prevent chafing in men’s gym shorts:

1. Restricting Movement with Shorts 

Here are the Most Helpful Ways to Prevent Chafing in Men's Gym Shorts

Movement, especially when done in a pattern or repetitive way, gives way to the possibility of chafing. One of the most effective ways to reduce its chances is restricting your movement.

Of course, you won’t make the most out of getting fit if you will literally reduce so. One way is to wear men’s gym shorts with a built-in compression liner.

The lining in running shorts provides some support and helps prevent chafing. Because of this built-in compression, wearing an underwear becomes generally unnecessary, although some people prefer separate compression shorts or other support.

2. Wear Compression Shorts 

Here are the Most Helpful Ways to Prevent Chafing in Men's Gym Shorts

As mentioned above, there are some people who prefer wearing compression shorts than a pair with a built-in lining. Some are made to improve ventilation, targetting your vulnerable areas (crotch, butt and inner thighs).

Also, a tighter fit holds your muscles firm to prevent too much rubbing on your skin. Some may wear this as a single pair of shorts as bikers and marathon runners, but other active men use it as a support inside another of their favourite loose bottom wear.

3. Avoid Cotton in Your Gym Shorts

Here are the Most Helpful Ways to Prevent Chafing in Men's Gym Shorts

You might be thinking that loose, men’s cotton gym shorts are your best pick in avoiding friction, but it’s the total opposite.

Cotton has the most tendency of getting and staying wet and becoming abrasive. This means that instead of reducing the possibility of chafing, it increases it.

To avoid such, you can opt for other thigh-hugging gym shorts made of synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics such as Lycra or Spandex. They pull the sweat away from your skin to let you stay dry and chafe-free.

In short, regardless of what you wear, change out of moist clothes as soon as possible. Lounging around in soggy shorts traps sweat and can cause irritation.

4. Use of Lubricant or Powder 

If you still experience rubbing and chafing between your thighs despite wearing the best men’s gym shorts, there is another saving grace for you: the use of lubricants or powder.

The best types of this friction-free powder product use pure cornstarch that absorbs moisture while you exercise. Some are also composed of organic green tea and chamomile, which fight inflammation and irritation.

If you want a more moisturised kind, you can go for the lubricants. There are several of these intended to provide moisture from chafed legs to chapped lips.

These precautions will surely make your next run or workout session pain-free, taking you one step closer to your fitness goals.

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