On Running Lightweight Cap Review

Last modified: December 18, 2018

On Running Lightweight Cap Review



Vivotion On Running Lightweight Cap Review After plenty of research, how does the On Running Lightweight Cap sets itself apart from the rest? Keep on reading and find out for yourself. 3448
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On Running Lightweight Cap Review unnamed After plenty of research, how does the On Running Lightweight Cap sets itself apart from the rest? Keep on reading and find out for yourself.

On Running Lightweight Cap Review

How do you a define a complete workout gear? Well, for some, aside from breathable tops and shorts and comfortable shoes, a hat is also a huge part of their fitness regimen.

Caps are essential for most runners, but they’re not just for style. This workout accessory helps runners stay cool through a sweaty run, and it also protects them from harsh elements such as rain, sun, and wind. They also help wick moisture to keep sweat from dripping on your eyes and irritating them.

For female runners, running hats keep their hair in place, so it doesn’t get in the way during activity. With this, you won’t need to stop for a while just to fix your hair.

However, not all running hats are the same. Some are designed with mesh, while some offer full coverage around the head. Either way, you have to choose a hat that’s lightweight and sweat-wicking. No matter if you have long or short hair, a running hat can incredibly help you go an extra mile.

There are numerous options of lightweight caps out there, but I found the On Running Lightweight Cap one of the most functional and unique. Although it looks plain and boring, this running hat effectively keeps you cool that you wouldn’t want to take it off anymore.

So, does the On Running Lightweight Cap sets itself apart from the rest? Keep on reading and see for yourself.

On Running Lightweight Cap Detailed Review


The On Running Lightweight Cap only comes in one size, yet it has an adjustable fabric band so you can make sure it fits your head just right. Although it can be quite tight-fitting for those with bigger heads, it still feels comfortable. Plus, it doesn’t leave any marks when you remove it.

This running cap boasts a new laser cut ventilation technology that protects you from any type of weather while keeping you dry and cool. Since it’s doesn’t have a mesh panel, this hat has got you covered anytime.

You can wear this hat for other activities like cycling or hiking. It’s excellent at wicking sweat and dries up really quickly, so it stays lightweight all throughout.


On, which is the brand’s name, obviously put a lot of effort to come up with a running hat such as this. They used tear proof woven fabrics that don’t only efficiently protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and harsh elements but also makes the hat last a lifetime.

The strategically-placed ventilation on the On Running Lightweight Cap, which is engineered in Switzerland, is also very impressive. With the small holes on this hat, your head is guaranteed to escape from overheating. Tightening the adjustable band on the back is also useful for keeping sweating off your face especially when it’s worn backwards.

You don’t have to worry about the extra fabric hanging around when adjusting the hat as its hidden neatly within a compartment. It also comes with a highly visible reflective logo on the front so you can run safely in low light conditions.


This running cap is extremely lightweight and remains as such despite all the sweat it absorbs. It effectively wicks moisture on your head and dries up quickly. And you wouldn’t experience the same when wearing hats made of cotton.

The On Running Lightweight Cap fits so snuggly and you barely even feel it on your head. This allows you to focus on what you do while it does its part to keep you going.

With its sleek look, both men and women can pull off the sporty look while wearing this running cap. It comes in three shades, Black, Grey, and Navy – and I honestly like all of them!


You might have to shell out more as you usually would for a hat, but I can guarantee that it’s worth the shot. I’m not the only one to say this. Many fitness enthusiasts who have tried the On Running Lightweight Cap can attest to the fact that this is by far the best one out there.

It can cost almost the same price as a pair of pants, but it’s a worthwhile investment because of its excellent performance and durability. Once you get your hands on this running cap, you’ll find yourself always choosing it over your other caps.


All in all, this running cap is a must-have for every runner. It’s light as a feather, but it heavily protects your eyes from any drop of sweat or rain. This cap should be on top of your list when shopping for your workout accessories.

The On Running Lightweight Cap is suitable for heavy sweaters and those who quickly get warm during outdoor activities. Since it’s very light, you won’t even feel it on your head when wearing it. But you’ll remember that it’s there when you notice you’re not getting wet during a slight rain.

The ventilation technology on this cap is also very efficient, and you’ll immediately notice how cool it feels even inside the house.

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