Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Review

Last modified: December 18, 2018

Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Review



Vivotion Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Review This t-shirt is incredibly soft as it features merino wool fabric - which is both sweat-absorbent and odour-resistant. 3892
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Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Review unnamed This t-shirt is incredibly soft as it features merino wool fabric - which is both sweat-absorbent and odour-resistant.

Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Review

If you’re still working out in your cheap cotton shirts that have been in your wardrobe for a couple of years, it’s time to bid them goodbye.

Well, not totally. You could still keep them, but please, don’t use them in the gym. Cotton shirts aren’t made to wick sweat, and if you think looking sweaty at the gym is cool – it’s not. When you put sweat on everything at the gym, people will remember you in a not-so-nice way. Also, when sweat sticks on your skin, bad odour comes next.

This is the worst thing that could happen to any guy, which is the sole reason why you should invest in high-quality workout shirts. Although they’re a bit more pricey than you would typically spend for a shirt, they’re totally worth your hard-earned money.

One example of a sweat-wicking and breathable shirt that can keep up with your intense training is the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee. It’s from a relatively new brand yet it’s rapidly becoming popular among male fitness enthusiasts.

This t-shirt is incredibly soft as it features merino wool fabric – which is both sweat-absorbent and odour-resistant. The brand describes this shirt as “tailored for the guy who likes to sweat in style.”

Olivers Terminal Tech Tee looks just like your usual shirt, but how does it help you during sweaty workout sessions?

Olivers Terminal Tech Tee Detailed Review


This t-shirt fits exactly like a regular cotton shirt, but because of the stretchy material it’s made with, it hugs your body just right. The neck opening of this shirt isn’t too wide, and its sleeves aren’t too long.

It also has a decent length to it, allowing a full range of motion without exposing your lumps. The ends of the sleeves and its bottom are folded and sewn, making it more durable. This doesn’t only guarantee that the shirt will last a long time, but also makes it looks nicer overall.

Since the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee is a slim, athletic cut, you might find the sleeves a bit snug on your arms. That said, you can go a size bigger, but if you think you it doesn’t fit right, Olivers offers a 365-day repair and replace guarantee, so you don’t have to worry.


The Olivers Terminal Tech Tee boasts a revolutionary mesh design as its made from a combination of merino wool on the inside and polyester on the outside.

Merino wool, as mentioned earlier, is naturally odour-resistant and sweat-absorbent. And because the merino wool is installed on the inside, it quickly pulls away sweat from your body throughout your gym session.

With the help of the polyester on the outside, moisture is wicked away in no time. This material also makes the shirt water-repellent. This keeps you dry and feeling fresh – which can help you go for longer during workouts.

The shirt is made with 54% Merino and 46% Polyester.  The combination of the two fabrics make the shirt extremely breathable, maintaining your body temperature regulated.


If you can’t replace the feeling of wearing soft cotton shirts, getting used to wearing Olivers Terminal Tech Tee won’t be hard. Its fabric is as soft as cotton but doesn’t leave you looking all sweaty and stinky.

You can wear it on your way to the gym or when you’re going for a run, then straight to brunch. With its odour-resistance feature and sweat-wicking ability, this shirt will keep you looking good despite working out all morning.

Usually, this type of shirt can last for a few days without washing. But if you can’t bear that idea, you can also regularly wash it, and it will stay as it is.

And another thing that makes the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee great is that you don’t need to be swole to look good in it. Whether you’re working on those muscles or not, this shirt will certainly work for you.


With all those features, you can’t expect this shirt to become as affordable as the shirts at Walmart. However, most workout gears really require a considerable amount of money, so you should make sure you’re purchasing the right ones.

With the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee, you’re guaranteed to get the value for your money. Its features prove that the shirt is made with comfort and functionality in mind. The simple style of this shirt also makes it suitable for casual outfits on hot days.


All in all, I highly recommend the Olivers Terminal Tech Tee. Despite being relatively new to the activewear market, this shirt stood out with its innovative design. As well as the combination of merino wool and polyester.

It’s breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and most of all, it looks great. You can wear it for any type of workout, but it’s also suitable for running errands, hanging out, and even for lounging.

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