New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief Review

Your workout gear isn’t complete if you’re not wearing the right underwear. What you wear underneath also has a vital role in improving your performance, especially during HIIT sessions. You don’t want to blame chafing and irritation for an unsuccessful workout, right?

Many tend to overlook the importance of investing in the right kind of underwear for working out. But just like any clothing item, workout underwears are different from your regular ones. They’re specially designed to keep you comfortable even on the sweatiest workouts.

When searching for the ideal workout underwear, you should be looking out for a couple of things. This should include sweat-wicking performance, quick-drying, and most of all, comfortable. You don’t want to suffer from any discomfort while wearing an expensive pair of compression tights because it would ruin all your efforts.

Wearing the right underwear can improve your performance and keep you going for longer. There’s a wide selection on the market when it comes to this kind of workout gear. But to narrow down your choices, I looked out for one that has rave reviews from its customers.

The New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief is made from a very soft material that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. It’s also efficient in wicking moisture, so you’re kept dry even though the sweatiest workouts.

If you’ve been using an average pack of underwear, then this review might make you change your mind.

New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief Detailed Review


The New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief is a bit snug but doesn’t feel too tight. It’s made of soft fabric, so it won’t cause any chafing or skin irritation, which is a common problem with cotton underwear.

It features a 6” inseam that doesn’t ride up no matter what you do. This boxer brief also has a wide and soft waistband that keeps it in place even if you move in all directions. This boxer brief is suitable from HIIT sessions to lounging. It has the perfect fit that moves with your body during a range of activities.


If you’re tired of plain old-looking boxer briefs, you’ll love the fact these come in a wide range of colours and prints. The New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief comes in 6 shades with different patterns. These boxer briefs look so cool that they will make you want to look at yourself in the mirror, and you can’t deny that.

It’s made of a combination of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, which resulted in a soft and sweat-wicking fabric. These boxer briefs are odour-resistant, and they have no side seams for easy layering.

With its 360-degree stretch, you can move all around without worrying about ruining the boxer briefs. This allows you to focus on your workout or any activity.


Your boys also need to breathe down there, which is why you have to consider investing in good workout underwear. The New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief comes with a mesh gusset for breathability. This allows for a reduced frontal temperature, unlike other boxer briefs trap sweat inside.

Enhance your performance with this workout gear. It keeps your guys down there comfortable and dry as you kill your workout session.


The New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief is undeniably more expensive than the ones you usually buy. But when you’re shopping for workout gear, these boxer briefs are definitely worth the shot.

They look good and feel good, plus they come in a wide range of cool colourways so you’ll have a lot to choose from.


If you’ve been on the search for a good pair of workout underwear, the New Balance Fresh 6-Inch Boxer Brief is a solid choice. It glides smoothly on the skin, and it’s stretchy so you can freely move in all directions.

And because these have no side seams, you can easily layer them under your favourite gear. If you love wearing compression tights, these are the boxer briefs you need.

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