Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank Review

Tank tops are favourite to those who have been working hard to gain broader shoulders and chest. This clothing item doesn’t only flaunt those gains, but they also keep your muscles at a relaxed state.

Surely, cotton tank tops are soft and comfortable to wear. But if you use them for working out, then you’re doing it all wrong. Just like any other workout gear, you should avoid wearing tank tops that are made of cotton. Aside from causing chafing, cotton also traps the moisture on your body and leaves every gym equipment greasy with your sweat.

With that, it’s essential that you choose tank tops that are made of sweat-wicking and breathable material. An example of this is the Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank, which is a stylish and functional workout gear. If you’re getting bored with your plain-looking workout clothes, this tank top might keep step up your game.

Masterclass Apparel is a New York-based brand that has an extensive collection of workout clothes that caters to men of all sizes. The designs range from basics that never go out of style to fun patterns that will surely make heads turn.

The Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank is a part of the brand’s Deep Sea collection which features “bright, intricate patterns”. But aside from that, this tank top has a lot more to offer. Let’s take a closer look at its features and see if it suits your taste and needs!

Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank Detailed Review


The Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank seems to be more suitable for serious weightlifters and gym goers. It has a large armhole design, and it has a loose body which can be an advantage for those who need a full range of movement.

With its contemporary cut, this tank top shows off the results of your hard work at the gym. For beginners, this might appear baggy at first, but it might motivate you to do better until you look great in it.


What makes this tank top stand out among others is its intricate pattern. The Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank features a tattoo art-inspired interpretation of a deep sea print. It comes in two colours, but the pattern is located on opposite sides. On the Black  Deep Sea Tank, the print can be seen across the back, and on the Blue Deep Sea Tank, it’s in front with a plain white backdrop.

Aside from the appearance, it’s also important to consider the type of fabric used. Luckily, this tank top comes with moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and four-way stretch properties to ensure optimal performance.


The Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank provides a perfect blend of comfort and style. It’s made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex which has a soft touch feel and is chafe-free. No matter if you use it for running or powerlifting, this tank top will surely keep you going.

With its loose body, you can also add a base layer underneath if you need more warmth when working a sweat.


You’ll probably find the Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank as expensive, but for a good reason. Although it’s quite pricey for just a tank top, it’s really worth the shot. With its custom-knit technical fabric, sleek design, and premium quality, you’ll definitely get a good value for your money.


Overall, the Masterclass Apparel Deep Sea Tank might not be suitable for all body types, but it’s an interesting addition to any fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe. Its aesthetic appearance will surely make heads turn, plus it shows off your physique.

If you’re looking for a workout gear that will make you stand out, then this one is a solid choice.

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