Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers Review

Shopping for gym clothes is often a daunting task for a lot of men. Most often than not, many would give up and go for their old cotton shirt or sweatpants. But there are a couple of reasons you should give up using those for working out. First, cotton isn’t sweat-wicking, which means you’ll leave every equipment you use wet and greasy.

Cotton can also cause chafing and irritation which will make you feel uncomfortable while working out. With that, you should make sure to look for workout gear that’s sweatproof, breathable, and most of all, comfortable.

You shouldn’t be contented with wearing you’re crappy shirts and shorts. It’s time to make a switch to the appropriate gym outfit. Besides, there are endless options to choose from, but the different styles are also made for different types of exercises.

The Under Armour Men’s Vanish Trousers is a workout bottom that you’d want to wear all day – even in bed. It has a soft-skin feel yet it’s efficient in wicking moisture during a sweaty workout.

These trousers also boast a HeatGear® fabric that will keep you feeling fresh, unlike cotton sweatpants. Aside from those things, there’s a lot more to know about these bottoms, so keep on reading as we take a closer look at its features!

Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers Detailed Review


Serious bodybuilders who have thicker legs than other men find it difficult to score bottoms that would fit them perfectly. The Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers would be a solid choice as it is fitted yet doesn’t restrict any movement.

It gives you that next-to-skin feel without being squeezed, allowing you to do a full range of movements. Plus, it has a 4-way stretch construction that lets you move better in every direction.

You can also wear compression shorts over these bottoms for added warmth during colder months.


The Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers boast a lightweight HeatGear® fabric that’s incredibly soft and smooth for extreme comfort.

It’s also infused with UA Microthread technology that makes the trousers dry faster during sweaty gym sessions. It’s also guaranteed to eliminate chafing and irritation, and it won’t cling to you as it doesn’t absorb sweat.

You can even wear these bottoms for casual days when you’re tired of jeans or slacks. It comes with an encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord, and it also has secure hand pockets with an internal phone pocket on the right side.


Aside from a soft and breathable fabric, the Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers also feature mesh back leg panels for added ventilation. It keeps you fresh throughout hot workouts, especially in the summer.

It’s made to move with you no matter how extensive your movements are. You’d choose these trousers over any of your workout bottoms any day.


Under Armour is known for its quality workout gears that are offered at reasonable prices. The Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers, despite its unique fabric and technology, is still at a more affordable price point than others. You might even want to get your hands on them right now (at the time of writing) as they’re currently on sale!

With its sale price, you’ll definitely get more than what you paid for.


All in all, the Under Armour Men’s UA Vanish Trousers is a great choice for frequent gym goers, bodybuilders, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. With its soft, stretchable, and breathable fabric, it keeps you comfortable – to and from a workout.

Its internal drawcord keeps it in place so you can freely move in all directions without any hesitation.

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