Brooks Canopy Jacket Review

No matter how bright the skies are and warm the temperature is, you can never be certain that it isn’t going to rain throughout the day. With the unpredictable weather, it’s always best to bring with you a running jacket to protect you from sudden showers while running.

But before you grab a jacket from your closet and wrap it around your waist, you should first be sure that it’s the right one. Ideally, running jackets shouldn’t be made of cotton. This type of jackets trap sweat on your body and doesn’t regulate your body temperature. And when your body overheats, it can make you feel nauseous or even cause you collapse.

Investing in a high-quality running jacket allows you to get out without having to check the weather fearlessly. Since they are quite expensive, you need to make sure that you’re getting the value for your money. With the endless options on the market, it can be challenging to find the jacket that will suit you best.

To narrow down your options, I looked for some of the best jackets that will work for any fitness enthusiast. The Brooks Canopy Jacket was worn by the winner of the 2018 Boston Marathon, which means it’s a part of her victory.

Now, let’s take a close look at its features and see why it was the perfect choice for the marathon.

Brooks Canopy Jacket Detailed Review


The Brooks Canopy Jacket is semi-fitted, so it’s a bit snug but still allows a full range of movement. It has a decent length with a drop tail at the back which gives enough coverage even for taller men. The sleeves follow the contour of the shoulders which highlights your broad shoulders.

This jacket also has enough room for you to pair it with a base layer underneath for added comfort and warmth.


It looks like any regular running jacket, but you’ll be surprised by the convenience that this jacket offers. To start with, it’s made of breathable wind- and water-resistant fabric (100% Ripstop Polyester) that keeps you dry when the weather suddenly changes. It also comes with a fitted, storable hood that quickly snaps in place to protect and maintain your peripheral vision.

The Brooks Canopy Jacket has zip hand pockets with a media port on the right side, a headphone anchor zipper pull, as well as soft, stretch cuffs with hidden thumbholes.

And here’s the best thing about this jacket, it packs into its left-hand zip pocket, housing a wearable, elastic band for portability. You’ll never have to worry about dragging your jacket along all day.


This jacket feels very soft on the skin, and it’s also lightweight. It also features a DriLayer® Seal fabric that “lets air in, keeps rain out.” The Brooks Canopy Jacket keeps you dry, yet it remains very breathable, so you still feel cool despite being sweaty.

However, since it’s only water and sweat resistant and not waterproof, this jacket would still probably absorb some of the water from the rain. Nonetheless, it’s still effective in protecting you from light showers and harsh elements.

It also features front and back reflective details that allow you to be seen in low-light conditions.


Despite its practical features and smart design, the Brooks Canopy Jacket at a very reasonable price. It’s cheaper than other jackets but offers the same functionality. With this jacket, you’re guaranteed to get even more than what you pay for.

Plus, it comes in five stunning colours that will surely make you stand out on the pavement or during a marathon.


Overall, the Brooks Canopy Jacket is a solid choice for any runner or athlete. It’s loaded with features will help you last longer during workouts.  This jacket is comfortable and versatile that you can easily bring it with you without weighing things down. It provides warmth yet absorbs sweat and keeps you cool with its breathable fabric.

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