Vivotion Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short Review With a lot of shorts available, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is one of the crowd favourites. But why is this? 1731
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Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short Review unnamed With a lot of shorts available, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is one of the crowd favourites. But why is this?

Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short Review

We’ve all heard of Lululemon, even though we’re not into yoga. The brand started with a small store in Vancouver and has now made its way across the world.

Their initial goal was to create apparel for women who love yoga. However, due to public demand and excellent feedback from their customer, they started designing clothes for other activities. These include cycling, running, and training.

They boast of designers who are athletes and “sweat-minded”, so they know where the customers are coming from.

With a lot of products available, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is one of the crowd favourites. Although a redesigned variant of the Lululemon Hotty Hot Short, the missing front tie is the most apparent difference.

One thing to take note about these pairs of shorts is that, well, they’re short at 2.5″ inseam. But if you’re not the type who would want to show off that much skin or if you’re on the taller side, they’re also available in a longer 4″ inseam. If you own a pair of the brand’s Trackers, you might find these a bit smaller and tighter fitting on the hips, but have a larger leg opening.

The Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short also features a secret pocket which in you’ll find out later in this article. Buying any product from Lululemon is quite an investment, so it’s better to be safe before you finally hit the checkout button!

This detailed review of the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short will help you decide whether you should get your hands on a pair of them.

Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short Detailed Review



As mentioned, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short has a larger leg opening yet it’s still designed with a four-way stretch. Unlike the older version with the string exposed, these shorts now have a continuous internal drawcord. That means the shorts you don’t have to worry about losing the string as it won’t get pulled inside or lost in the wash.

If you’re about the drawcord being too tight inside, this won’t be a problem as the waistband is wide, preventing any marks on your tummy while keeping the short in place.

Since these shorts are specifically designed for running, their made with Swift fabric that is sweat-wicking and lightweight. You won’t feel like your wearing anything with the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short, giving you enough room to move around during activities freely.



As mentioned, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is designed for running. It, therefore, comes with a reflective detail helps keep you on the radar in low light.

Aside from that, you can keep your phone out of sight when running. This is because it can fit inside the zippered pocket located on the left back side. If you have other small stuff to bring, these shorts also feature a secret pocket.

That pocket is hidden in the rear left of the liner, and it’s very small, but there could surely be something to sneak in there.

Since these shorts are four-way, they highlight a mesh venting on the side, giving your legs a more refreshing feel after a tiring workout or run.



When buying any activewear, comfort should always be at the top of your list. Thankfully, the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is exceptionally comfortable, even when you’re already dripping in sweat.

The sweat-wicking Swift fabric is breathable and lightweight even when it’s soaked in sweat. The material is loose, but the built-in liner will keep your legs secure and also covered when the shorts are shrinking.

We all know how annoying it is when your shorts roll up while running. It can make you lose your focus as you keep on rolling them down before they expose everything.

And that’s probably one of the reasons why a lot of women love the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short. The hem doesn’t roll up, unlike other shorts.




As I said, buying any Lululemon product is quite an investment. However, I find the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short a worthwhile investment. This is as they are durable, as long as you take good care of them.

Since the fabric used in these shorts is soft and lightweight, it’s best to handle them with care. If you’re not sure how to take care of them, here’s a tip: don’t throw them in the dryer and wash them in cold water.


Let’s get to the real deal..

Should you get your hands on the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short? If you’re the type of person who prefers short than leggings, then it’s a YES.

These shorts are a solid choice for any activity, whether it’s running, yoga, hiking, or the like. The material used in the Lululemon Hotty Hot II Short is soft and silky. This means they won’t stick up between your thighs.

They’re lightweight, so you’ll barely even feel that they exist. Just make sure you always check if they’re still there. Ciao!

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