Running in Joggers Vs Running in Shorts: Which Is Better?

Active people usually have their own preferences for the kind of apparel they choose to wear in working out. Despite this, there are still necessary clothes to wear when you want to experience specific results.

Sweating, for example, is a great way to burn calories. It is basically your body responding to the rise in your core temperature during a workout.

When you sweat, your body attempts to regulate its temperature and cool down. Most of the time, people equate heavy sweating to calorie expenditure.

If your ultimate goal in working out is to sweat a lot, it is a great thing to consult which workout bottom you will sweat most in. This article will guide you on how to check the specific benefits that shorts and joggers can bring.

Running in Joggers Vs Running in Shorts: Which Burn Calories More?

Shorts and Joggers: A Comparison

1. In Sweating and Burning Calories

The skin cools down every time sweat glands open up and wets the skin. Although sweating means that you are exerting yourself and getting active, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are burning calories.

Joggers increase body heat. It causes your legs to become hot and sweat more quickly in the middle of your exercise. Your body needs extra calories to cool down when you sweat which means some additional heat can help you burn a few additional calories.

However, there are studies that say you burn more calories working out in cooler temperature with a lighter apparel such as shorts. This is since your body will need to work more to get warm in this case, thus burning more calories.

According to Wayne Askew, director of nutrition at the University of Utah, temperatures that are cool enough to make you shiver upgrades your calorie expenditure. Despite that, it is not an effective strategy for those with high body fat.

2. In Shedding Water Weight 

Running in women’s joggers actually help you lose a little weight by shedding more water weight from your body. This happens especially when you perform aerobic or dance exercises.

Lowering down your water weight doesn’t impact the level of calorie you burn. This means that if losing weight is your primary goal, the fitness bottom you will wear will be of minimum significance.

What your body really needs to burn calories are activities that increase your heart rate as playing sports, swimming or engaging your muscles with strength training routines.

In this case, it’s better to wear lighter bottoms as shorts during a workout instead of sweatpants that can be uncomfortable.

Running in Joggers Vs Running in Shorts: Which Burn Calories More?

3. In Protecting the Skin 

When working out outside, there are various elements that can damage your skin. The most one you’re vulnerable to is the sun. You probably think rays only hit your face and your chest, but the legs are equally prone to sunburn.

Another thing is insect bites. There are places and weathers where and when mosquitoes attack full force. On these occasions, women’s joggers will be more beneficial in protecting your legs.

Nasty bites that make your cause rashes on your skin cannot be prevented with a pair of shorts especially when they are of the short length.

4. In Lowering Risks of Dehydration

Wearing joggers can increase the risk of dehydration or heat stroke when working out under the hot weather. If you plan to go for a run during the summer, you might as well consider doing so in shorts to prevent this risk.

On the other hand, if you find running more comfortable in sweatpants, you have to stick to a moderately-intense run. You can also pair this bottom with a light t-shirt for improved breathability.

Running in Joggers Vs Running in Shorts: Which Burn Calories More?

5. In Warming Up Your Muscles 

Sweatpants are primarily designed to keep your legs warm. And this warmth is not exclusive for your skin.

Due to this benefit, joggers theoretically help you reduce risks of injury that are caused by muscles not properly warmed up before the run This is beneficial to people who tend to get bored during warm up and avoid it at that.

On days when the climate turns colder than usual, joggers are ideal to keep your legs warmed up.

6. In Running During the Cold Weather 

Most people would lose motivation to run when the climate turns cold because of the chills it brings to the body. But thanks to a lot of innovations, we can pair a fitness jacket with joggers to protect us from the cold.

Let’s leave shorts for the summer at that.


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