Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top Review

Going for a run during hot summer days is a good idea. But when the heat is unbearable, it makes you feel like you almost want to go out without wearing anything.

During times like these, a tank top is the perfect type of activewear to keep your body cool yet still decently covered. However, not all tank tops are made the same.

The Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top is specially made from knit fabric, making it extremely breathable and smooth. This unique tank top features a seamless design which minimises irritation and chafing.

Its slim straps also allow more exposure to air, and you can’t deny that this tank top looks very chic. The open look of the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top doesn’t only keep you cool but also gives you a stylish way to show off your back and shoulders as you run.

And did you realise that it’s also a Dri-FIT? Yes, it’s a combination of knit fabric plus Dri-FIT technology. This means it’s good at wicking sweat, helping you last longer during runs and workouts.

On a negative note, the super slim straps could overexpose your back and shoulders from the sun. But a generous amount of sunscreen should help if you’re worried about getting sunburnt.

Despite that, I still find this tank top one of the best clothes to wear during warm weathers. If you want to know why I think the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top is one of the best in the market, read along as I discuss each of the characteristics that make it perform well.

Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top Detailed Review


This simple double spaghetti-strapped tanked top is unique because it’s literally seamless. The continuous fabric in the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top wraps all the way around your torso just right. Therefore it won’t restrict any movement during your activity.

It can be slimmer than most tank tops, but you don’t have to worry because its stretchy fabric is designed to move with your body. This tank top also features a longer length that sits below the hip for coverage while you run.

If you’re not a fan of spaghetti straps as they usually dig into the skin, you might change your mind with this one. The Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top has soft and smooth straps that are also stretchable, so there’s no need to adjust them when running.


The Dri-FIT technology is a signature of the Nike brand. Wherein they boast a synthetic material that quickly dries and wicks your sweat away. While the “knit” part of this tank top is strategically placed on the chest, back and side areas which enhances its breathability.

As mentioned earlier, the slim straps on the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top will leave your shoulders and back more exposed to the sun. This means you’ll have to apply sunscreen to those areas to protect your skin. Nonetheless, these straps also allow your skin to breathe during the absence of a cool breeze.

The Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top has a racerback design that allows for a great range of motion. Plus reflective details help you become visible during low-light runs.

And although this tank top is made especially for running, a lot of women also love to wear it for casual summer outfits to keep them cool and fresh.


The seamless design of this tank top makes it glide smoothly onto your skin, preventing any chafing. This feature, along with the Dri-FIT technology, helps you work out in comfort and last for a longer time.

A lot of women claim that the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top is a “perfect top”. This is as it can be used for any occasion. This top can also be paired with a lightweight jacket when you feel like a light shower could occur during the day.

Although this top is seamless, it’s still loose on the bottom. Therefore it doesn’t feel tight around your legs, giving you more freedom to move around.


Nike is one of the biggest brands when it comes to athletic apparel. But most of its products are offered at an attainable price. The Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top is at a mid-range price point, which is reasonable given its innovative material and seamless design.

It’s cheaper compared to some tank tops from other established brand. But its breathability and comfort make it an excellent deal for the price.


Due to its seamless construction, the Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Knit Tank Top is one of the most unique activewear on the market today. The overall features make it a good running shirt that keeps you feeling fresh on a hot sunny day.

The Knit material that enhances its breathability makes it a versatile piece of clothing. It’s not exclusively used for running or working out in the gym, but this cute tank top can also be paired with some cute shorts or denim pants during summer vacations.

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