Gymshark Solace Bottoms Review

We all have different preferences when it comes to fashion, and workout clothes aren’t an exception when it comes to being in style. Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from when you’re looking for gym clothes.

They range from the simplest of plain t-shirts and shorts to those nicely patterned leggings and cute sports bras. However, no matter how sleek your outfit looks, you won’t be able to maximise your efforts if you’re not comfortable.

Sure, you can wear anything. But with the right choice of clothing, you’ll feel the difference after a hard workout. That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at one of the most adored bottoms on the market today – the Gymshark Solace Bottoms.

Wearing bottoms can be frustrating at times, especially when it sticks between your legs or causes you to chafe. But this product that we’re going to review guarantees otherwise.

Gymshark claims that these are “So indescribably soft, you won’t want to take them off,” and a lot of women couldn’t agree more.

First off, I immediately fell in love with these because they’re high-waisted, and that isn’t typically found in most bottoms – but that isn’t just what I’m after here. The Gymshark Solace Bottoms may look good but will they actually be efficient once you start sweating out?

Let’s take a closer look into its every aspect to figure out whether it’s really worth the hype!

Gymshark Solace Bottoms Detailed Review


Bottoms aren’t the most flattering workout clothes. But for some reason, the Gymshark Solace Bottoms hugs your body in all the right places. Because the material used in these pants are so soft, they feel just like a second layer of skin.

Plus, they also perfectly highlight your curves, especially your behind. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I also like that they are high-waisted fit so they cover that stubborn love handles. They also come with an elasticated waistband so it doesn’t leave any mark once you take them off (if you will.)

The Gymshark Solace Bottoms are suitable for any kind of workout, and they could match any outfit so they’re good even when you’re just heading out to run some errands.


The Gymshark Solace Bottoms feature glute enhancing seams that enables girls with thick thighs and round bums to feel confident while wearing it. This ultra-soft pants also feature a drawstring. This means you pull it up the whole time you’re at the gym or on a run – because that is annoying as hell.

What I also like about these bottoms is that they have zippable pockets where you can store your essentials such as money or keys. The zippers on these bottoms are small and light, so they won’t get in the way on accidentally get unzipped while you’re doing your thing.

If you sceptical about getting in a lighter colour, like the shade Sand, I think they’re totally wearable. Although they’re not completely opaque, they won’t expose your undies at all. Just make sure you’re not wearing the ones with crazy prints and bright colours.


Sometimes, the best part about the wearing clothes – is not wearing them, right? But with the Gymshark Solace Bottom, you’ll want to wear them all the time. This is because they feel like a soft blanket wrapped around your legs.

According to Gymshark, these pants are made with from “a fabric like no other”. Consisting of 9% Viscose, 17% Polyester, 4% Elastane. They’re incredibly soft and stretchy, making them comfortable to wear every time.

Unlike other gym clothes, these aren’t excellent in wicking sweat, but they’re fairly breathable so your body won’t overheat while wearing them. The Gymshark Solace Bottoms are also great companions during cuddle weather!


Gymshark products mostly have reasonable prices, and I must say that these pants are offered at great value. The stitching and fabric of the Gymshark Solace Bottoms are apparently high-quality, so they absolutely look durable to me.

Sure you hoard some budget workout clothes instead of getting these, but you’ll realise that you’ve been actually spending more. The soft material used in these bottoms and the added features like the glute enhancing seams make them more worthy of your hard-earned money.


If you don’t find leggings very flattering to your body type, then bottoms are the next best thing to wear.

The Gymshark Solace Bottoms isn’t just incredibly soft, but it also highlights your curves without folding or chaffing. The fact that they’re high-waisted fit also makes them suitable for exercises that require a lot of movement. Thi is as you don’t have to pull them up every time.

All in all, I definitely recommend buying these bottoms. Because aside from gym clothes, they can also be paired with cute crop tops and sweaters for girls who are on-the-go.

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