How Sports Bra Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Workout

Compared to men, women have two extra body parts to look after during a workout: the breasts. Aside from being heavy and bouncy, breasts need extra care since they are a fragile organ that completes the process of reproduction.

Physical activities, as every woman can relate to, make breasts bounce up and down and go from one side to another. Repetitive and long workouts can cause them to feel sore, painful and sagging.

How Sports Bra Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Workout

This is where the creation of sports bras became so in demand. This type of garment worn on the breasts reduces their movements and supports them amid exercise.

In fact, breasts have no muscles. This means that without proper support, the skin and Cooper’s ligaments (ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape) can break down and cause sagging. Once these ligaments stretch out, they can’t be pushed back.

The Chronicles of Sports Bra 

Regardless of the size of breasts an active woman have, bouncing is inevitable. This means that every lady who’s working out to stay fit and train for sports should wear a sports bra.

A sports bra is like a haven for your breasts. Designed to be strongly fortified to support breasts and defend them from pain, discomfort and damage, its a staple wear for all active women.

How Sports Bra Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Workout

Here are the major benefits of sports bra:

1. Provides the Best Support During a Workout 

Plus size sports bras or cute sports bras, every kind maintains the integrity of the breast wall and their shapes. When a sports bra perfectly fits, it can remove bouncing up to 80%.

Intense movements can cause the ligaments around the breasts to stretch and tear. This damage can cause sagging so it’s very important to have the right sports bra to support them enough for your intense workout.

2. Lessens Discomfort 

Evident of how fragile the breasts are, even low impact exercises like stretching or jogging can be discomforting if they are not held in place. Not even mentioning tension on the shoulders and accumulating patches of sweat on the discomforting places, a regular bra won’t be of help.

Good thing high-quality sports bras are designed to fit well and handle motion with ease. While you get moving, burning that next batch of calories on your body, provide yourself with maximum comfort through wearing one.

How Sports Bra Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Workout

3. Regulates Sweat and Temperature Control

Of course, makers of sports bra didn’t let technology pass by and not take advantage of it. Advances in fabrics have lead to bras that were made to serve a variety of functions.

For example, there are now designs that wick sweat away from the body while increasing the flow of air coming in. Some are made to be lightweight but provide a high temperature for the cold weather.

4. Reduces Breast Pain

Movements in the ligaments of a woman’s breast can cause pangs of pain after an exercise. Since sports bras are mainly made to restrict movement, their support lessens pain after a workout as well.

Despite this, there is the best fitting sports bra for every woman so once pain persists, its best to consult an expert.

5. Reduces Long-Term Sagging 

Some studies believe the inadequate support in the breasts can lead to sagging, in the long run. They say ‘breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with’ and much more do during a workout.

This is where sports bras are believed to play a role in preventing breasts to ag long-term.

How Sports Bra Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Workout

6. Adds to Styling in Fashion 

Brands of high-class sports bras as Nike, Champion and Adidas have come out with designs that look trendy. There are now types that girls can wear outside the regular days at the gym or a morning run.

There are some celebrities who we usually see do so. From the fashion perspective, wearing a sports bra best works when worn as a top.

7. Provides Alternatives to Regular Bras 

Sports bras no longer exist only inside gyms and along the road among runners. Many ladies who find them comfortable while doing house chores or getting to a party with a denim jacket wear them in an alternative to bras and even tops.

Also, if you want to avoid the ‘revealing’ feeling of wearing a regular bra in a see-through top, a sports bra is the best answer. Since they are easy to put on and have no thin straps, they provide maximum comfort and support in various activities outside of working out.


A sports bra isn’t a simple choice of apparel between shirts and tank tops when going to the gym or trail running — it is a necessity. Given these aforementioned benefits, you sure don’t want to experience sagging, pain and discomfort without them while working out.

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