8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work

Last modified: July 31, 2019

8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work



Vivotion 8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work When you improve your fitness while at work, you reap some key benefits like better focus, consistent energy levels, and even a greater sense of wellbeing. 9016
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8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work ways-to-improve-fitness-while-at-work When you improve your fitness while at work, you reap some key benefits like better focus, consistent energy levels, and even a greater sense of wellbeing.

8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work

Being physically fit isn’t a requirement to fulfil many work duties, but it sure does help. From the added focus and energy to the self-confidence and drive for self-improvement. These are some key benefits that will give you the edge at work.

So when you neglect to exercise, you’re putting not only your physical health but also your mental health at risk.

With that in mind, do you just accept how lack of exercise can negatively affect your overall productivity and effectiveness at work? Or do you want to take steps towards a healthier you?

On the other hand, it is difficult and downright unfair to just willpower your way to a better you. I mean, how are you going to fit workouts into your busy week if your hectic schedules are hindering you from doing so?

Busy schedules, late nights at the office, extended working hours—name it all. But here’s a secret: regardless of how busy you can get throughout the day, it is still possible to improve your fitness.

The secret here is, you do a few exercises during work hours!

Sounds interesting, huh? To know more about this little secret, our health and fitness specialists have revealed eight ways you can improve your fitness while at work down in the list below!

8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness While at Work


Performing small amounts of exercise throughout your day will all add up and impact your exercise regimen and overall fitness.

Although some of these tips may make you look a bit awkward, trust us, small changes such as these are worth it in the long run.

1. Walk and Talk


Sure, it will only take you a matter of seconds to reply to an email. But walking to desks and having face-to-face conversations is guaranteed to help improve your communication and fitness all at once.

Unless you need to be on your computer, you might as well take the advantage to stand up and move around while you’re on a call. Not only will this give you a break from your screen, but this will also stop your body from seizing up.

Remember, every extra step counts!

2. Stand to Burn Calories


Surprisingly, standing can shed more calories more than you think. And many workplaces have introduced standing desks.

As mentioned, standing while on-call can help increase your fitness. Not only that, but this can also help correct your posture after sitting for so long.

3. Lunch Breaks


Instead of going to your office’s canteen or pantry, stretch up your legs and give yourself a break from being in the same environment all day by walking to a local shop near your workplace.

This actually is a two-fold benefit. As you can have a bit of fresh air and refresh yourself with the change in scenery.

To top it off you’ll burn even more calories when heading back to your work after eating.

4. Perform Some Desk Exercises


This might sound awkward, but a minute of desk exercise throughout the day can be beneficial. To help you with that, here are some few subtle exercises you can perform while at your desk:

  • Seated leg raises
  • Hand stretches
  • Arm pumps
  • Calf raises

These type of exercises can help get the blood pumping around your body, improving brain effectiveness.

5. Do Stretching


Do you want to increase your flexibility and reduce your joint problems, and of course, improve your fitness while at work? Then stretch!

Spending a few minutes of stretching every each hour can be beneficial more than you imagined. When you stretch, you exercise all parts of your body, allowing more blood to rush to your brain, and fresh ideas can start flowing.

Stretching is also a great way to ward off the pain and stiffness while boosting your energy and alertness.

Stretches such as torso twists, leg extensions, and stretching your wrists can be your go-to low-key exercise.

6. Take the Stairs


Looking for an easy way to torch those unwanted calories in your tummy? Take the stairs instead of the lifts!

Choosing stairs can help stretch your legs. To extend the exercise, you can miss a step or two if you really want to challenge yourself. But watch your step, okay?

Depending on how many steps it takes—taking the stairs can also get your endorphins to flow around your body, putting you in a better frame of mind.

7. Watch What Snacks You Eat


As your brain works, hunger can strike, making you want to reach for some food. Since we’re talking about improving your fitness, you need to resist the temptation of using a vending machine and reaching for chocolate or biscuits.

Instead, practice having lots of healthy snacks near you, such as nuts and fruits, and reap their benefits like iron, magnesium, omega-3 fats, antioxidants, to name a few.

8. Drink Green Tea


Who would have thought that just by drinking green tea you are already improving your fitness while at work?

Instead of reaching for a coffee, a mug of green tea can help get your metabolism back up to speed, while also stopping the caffeine headaches.

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