Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts Review

Shorts are the ideal workout clothes if you want a full range of motion. Even though most fitness enthusiasts still prefer leggings, some, especially runners, find shorts more efficient in their activity.

Running shorts naturally feature a shorter hem than any other workout clothing item, but they’re not just made for hot days.  Shorts provide a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to mobility and versatility.

Here we have a list of things to remember when buying shorts. Ideally, shorts should be sweat-wicking, lightweight, and comfortable. But since they’re made different, some brands add some useful features to enhance your performance. One good example is pockets, which keep your small valuables close at hand yet out of sight.

It can be tricky to find a good pair of running shorts, but there’s no need to look around. The Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts is the reliable choice for any physically active woman out there.

It has all the ideal features that we’re looking for – including pockets. Plus, these shorts are not super short, so you won’t walk around feeling like you’re exposing too much.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts and see what it has to offer.

Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts Detailed Review


If you’re tall and if you find it challenging to score shorts that aren’t too short, then this is your lucky day. The Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts feature a decent length with 10 cm inseam; even some men find them wearable.

These shorts also come with a wide covered waistband as well as a drawcord that allows you to control your ideal fit. You can either leave it loose or tighten it depending on your preference or the kind of activity you’re doing.

However, you need to take note that these shorts have a loose fit, so might want to go down a size if you want them to be snug. Although, the loose fit can help you freely move around without feeling any restriction at all. Plus, it also prevents riding up and helps in keeping your body well-ventilated.


When it comes to designing efficient workout gears, Under Armour never fails. These shorts come with a built-in antimicrobial brief that fights off odour-causing microbes to keep you fresh all day. That means you can go straight to brunch after a good run- and we all want that, don’t we?

The Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts also feature shaped hems that provide enhanced coverage without looking bulky. Extremely breathable mesh side panels also help release the heat from your body, so you’re kept fresh throughout the run.

It has reflective details to enhance your visibility on the road in low-light conditions. And of course, let’s not forget the pockets. These shorts have internal front hip and hand pockets to store small items.

The pockets are quite deep so you can safely bring with you some valuable including your phone. In this way, you can run without any worries as you don’t have to leave anything behind.


Comfort is what we all want in life, and you can definitely find that in these shorts. With Under Armour’s Signature Moisture Transport System, these shorts guarantee to wick sweat away and they dry pretty quickly.

The Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Shorts are made of 100% polyester, so they’re extremely lightweight for all-day comfort.

Since they’re loose and have breathable mesh side panels, you’ll find yourself lasting longer and speeding up your stride during runs.


Under Armour usually offers their merchandise at reasonable prices, and these shorts are definitely among those. In fact, it’s more affordable than other established we all know of. But with its useful features and high-quality material, you’ll be getting more than what you paid for.

The Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Short comes in five stunning colours. However, some say they can see through the lighter shades, so you might want to opt for the darker ones.


All in all, the Under Armour Women’s UA Fly-By Short is a must-have in every runner’s wardrobe. Its sweat-wicking ability along with its lightweight and breathable fabric make it suitable for various types of workouts and even for casual outfits on regular days.

Although some people don’t need the feel to have pockets on shorts, they can still be useful especially for those who can’t leave home without their mobile phones.

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