Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers Review

Sweatpants are often known best for Netflix and chilling. Their relaxed fit and soft feel on the skin make you want to stay in bed all day long. However, sweatpants nowadays are very versatile. A lot of women have learned to flaunt them with stylish outfits, and of course, for working out.

Although they’re not the most flattering bottoms to wear, they offer comfortability like no other. However, not all sweatpants are made the same. If you intend to wear them when working a sweat, it’s best to avoid those that are made of cotton.

Instead, you should look at workout-appropriate bottoms that are sweat-wicking, lightweight, and breathable. Aside from those features, style, of course, should also be on top of mind.

Thankfully, there are a lot of athleisure brands nowadays that offer stylish yet efficient bottoms. They’re made to be worn from a hot workout session straight to brunch with your gals. One of the pretty sweatpants I found on the market is from a famous brand.

The Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers is one of the clothing items that any woman would ever want. This pair of bottoms are super comfortable, and it makes you want to wear them anywhere you go.

Sweat Betty describes these trousers as “the perfect leggings alternative”, and how is that possible? Let’s take a closer look at its features and find out!

Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers Detailed Review


Sweatpants are deemed to be one of the unflattering clothing items ever made. However, the Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers is said the be the “most flattering workout pants in town.”

It’s not tight-fitting, but it’s hugs your body just right, leaving your skin relaxed while wearing it. These trousers are also made to be super stretchy to allow a full range of motion. You can wear them for yoga, gym, running, or even for sleeping (if that counts as a workout.)

With a secure waistband and a 7cm cuff at the bottom, these trousers are perfect for travelling as well! They won’t just leave you worry-free anywhere you go, but they’re also excellent for your OOTD photos.


Pockets are always a bonus for a lot, if not all, women. And thankfully, these trousers come with deep pockets on the front! It allows you to keep small valuables out of sight, yet still close at hand when you need them.

The Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers is only available in colour black, but I think that’s fine. You can never go wrong with black, right? And besides, black always looks good.  These bottoms are also easy to take care of, and its colour doesn’t fade even after several washes.

When it comes to size, they’re available from XS to XL in two kinds of fit – short and regular.  To determine your size, you can refer to the size guide on their website wherein all the precise measurements are displayed.


The Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers can take you from a sweaty workout session to grabbing brunch with your friends. They’re made of lightweight polyester that’s not only soft and comfortable on the skin, but also sweat-wicking. On top of that, it’s stretchy yet stays durable so it can keep up with a wide range of motions.

These pair of trousers glides so smoothly on the skin that you might even want to take it to bed as well! I also like the fact that with these kinds of bottoms, you can go for either a full-on sporty look or a lazy day outfit!


To be honest, these trousers are quite expensive. But since they’re made of premium quality fabric that’s guaranteed to be soft, sweat-wicking, and durable, I definitely think they’re worth the shot.

The Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers can be worn for just about any occasion, as long as you want to keep yourself comfortable.


Always alternating leggings and jeans can be tedious. The Sweaty Betty Garudasana Workout Trousers will give you that sporty chic look that will make your look more fun. Even though they’re intended to keep you dry and comfy during workout sessions, these trousers also make a nice addition to your formal wear.

It’s up to you how to mix and match these trousers with your clothes. But one thing’s for sure; it will become your next favourite pair!

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