Vivotion Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody Review After searching for a workout hoodie I found the Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody. Keep on reading to find out if it impressed me or not. 2900
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Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody Review unnamed After searching for a workout hoodie I found the Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody. Keep on reading to find out if it impressed me or not.

Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody Review

Hoodies are some of the few clothing items that every girl would wear from day to night. Admit it or not, I’m sure most of us would always check out the hoodies section of a store or online.

There’s something about hoodies that make us want to buy more, perhaps its the snugly feeling? Or maybe the warmth it provides? But aside from being the perfect cuddle buddy, hoodies are also functional for working out.

They help you maximise the sweat when running or exercising on cold days, and they make your outfit look more sporty yet still chic. Although most hoodies will be able to keep you warm, not all of them are made for working out.

There are some things you have to keep in mind when shopping for a workout hoodie, like the type of fabric used or the number of pockets. To start with, pure cotton is a NO NO when buying hoodies, or even any workout clothing item. This material doesn’t wick sweat and takes too long to dry.

Hoodies also come in different types, so you have to make sure which works best for you. It can be frustrating to search everywhere for a good hoodie, that’s why I already did the homework for you.

After a long search for a workout buddy hoodie (instead of a cuddle buddy,) I found the Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody. It may be specifically designed for cross training, though you can also use it for any physical activity.

This hoodie looks sleek right off the bat, but it has more to offer than just its appearance. Keep on reading to learn more and discover why I loved this hoodie!

Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody Detailed Review


Some hoodies can be unflattering; they’re either too loose or too tight even when you feel like you got the right size. The Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody highlights your shape as it has quite a slim fit. Yet it still allows some room for your upper body to breathe.

What I also like about this hoodie is that it’s designed to cover your bum as it has dropped hem at the back. This allows you to freely move without any worrying about you behind being too much exposed and provides extra warmth as well.

It also comes with a drawstring hood, and since it’s a zip-up hoody, you can open it when you feel too warm and zip it up when it’s cold.


The Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody doesn’t have any crazy prints or patterns, which makes it suitable for most women. It comes in two colours, Silver Grey Marl and Black, which are attractive to those who are minimalists.

Since it’s not a weatherproof jacket, you can’t expect this one to be lightweight. It’s not also too heavy since it’s made from a combination of mostly breathable fibres (77% Polyester, 15% Viscose, 8% Elastane. Rib: 64% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 2% Elastane.)

It has two secure pockets on both sides where you can keep your valuables, especially if you prefer to listen to music when working out. This hoody also comes with a reflective Sweaty Betty logo on the back to help you become visible in low light conditions.


As mentioned earlier, this hoody is made from a combination of different fibres. As a result, the fabrics combined resulted in a knitted blend hoody that has a luxurious and a soft hand feel.

The Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody is designed for chilly runs with its insulating layer that keeps you warm to and from your workout. The zipper on the front has a little “garage”. This means it’s covered with fabric both on the front and back.

That means the zipper won’t rub on your skin during any activity and the zipper is slightly hidden for added style.


Hoodies are usually more pricey than other workout clothing items. That’s why it isn’t a surprise that the Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody is quite expensive.

However, with its insulating capability along and its soft fabric make it reasonable for its price. Although it doesn’t look like a luxurious item with its monochromatic design, this hoodie has more to offer than its dull appearance.

The bum covering dropped hem is also a great feature which is unusual among hoodies.


The cold days shouldn’t mean you should stop sweating it out. With the Sweaty Betty Cross Train Hoody, you’ll surely want to go for a run or the gym. Even despite the chilly weather.

It’s a simple hoody that doesn’t promise anything but to keep you warm and secure your essentials. And that’s what makes it worth buying.

This zip up hoody is simple yet sophisticated, and it’s an efficient workout gear for any day of the year.

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