Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top Review

When deciding what to wear for working out, the temperature should be the most important factor to consider. If your body warms up quickly, you’ll need a workout gear that’s breathable, so it doesn’t trap heat.

One of the most suitable workout clothing item during hot days is a tank top. However, tank tops aren’t made equal. Not all your cute tank tops in the wardrobe could be worn for training, especially if they’re made of cotton.

You should make sure that your tank top is made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep your skin dry and well-ventilated. In this way, your temperature will be regulated, and you’ll stay dry throughout your workout.

There are numerous options on the market when it comes to these kinds of tank tops, but you don’t need to spend hours looking around because I already did it for you. I did my best to find a tank top that’s stylish, efficient, and most of all affordable – then I discovered the Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top.

If you’re not familiar with Second Skin, it’s a relatively new performance apparel line from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The products offered by the brand are said to be created specifically for high-intensity activities, and they all come with minimalist designs.

The Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top is a simple yet functional workout gear that makes you last longer when sweating out. It’s made of fabric that offers premium comfort, and it features a unique technology to enhance its durability.

But does it really guarantee a ‘second skin’ feel? Let’s take a closet look at its features and figure out what this tank top has to offer.

Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top Detailed Review


Tight-fitting workout clothes aren’t for everyone, so it’s great that this tank top is a regular fit. The Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top has a scoop neckline that displays your collarbone for a flattering fit.

The racerback cut allows a fuller range of motion as well as breathability for your skin. However, if you’re running under the heat of the sun, you should apply sunblock as your back will be exposed to direct sunlight.

This tank top is designed for various high-intensity workouts such as weightlifting, running, or stretching. With its simple and chic look, you can also match it with a pair of shorts or jeans for a casual outfit during warm days.


Second Skin is a brand that understands what athletes need and what they don’t. That is the reason why this tank top doesn’t feature any crazy prints, flashy colours, or big logos. It features a minimalist design yet it still makes any woman look good in it.

Even though the Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top already exposes your back, it still offers an improved airflow through your body. With a strategically placed mesh on the back, you’re provided with superior ventilation and breathability to help keep you fresh and comfortable while you train

It comes in four warm colours, which includes Cerise, Deep Teal, Pure Black, and Pure White. You shouldn’t worry about colour fading because the fabric is also anti-yellowing that makes the white even whiter.


Like what its brand name says, this tank top does feel like your second skin. Wearing the Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top leaves your worries behind so you focus purely on your training.

It also has a decent length that covers your bum to give you full freedom of movement. This tank top’s fabric is soft and easy to move with. It’s also treated with  SILVADUR™ technology that doesn’t only protect the fibres from wear and tear but also enhances odour control.

As described on the website, “the SECOND SKIN® Training Tank Top keeps you in control and comfortable.”


When I was looking around the marketplace, I made sure to find an affordable tank top that didn’t compromise function and quality. And that’s exactly why I liked the Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top. It’s offered at an attainable price, yet its features are almost similar to more expensive options.

With a premium quality fabric that lasts long and controls odour, I can say that this tank top deserves to be in your wardrobe. Some women even said that they immediately ordered more pieces after trying out one of these.


The Second Skin Women’s Training Tank Top is an excellent companion for any type of workout. It has strategically placed mesh fabric for improved ventilation, and its overall minimalist design can match any outfit.

No matter what activities you frequently engage in, this tank top will surely get the job done. It will keep you cool and dry, especially during hot weather.

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