Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee Review

Base layers serve as a second layer of skin to keep you warm during colder months. They’re essential when working a sweat as they wick moisture away from your body and balance your body temperature.

When looking for a base layer, there are a few things you need to consider – and material should be on top of the list. Generally, you should avoid any cotton fabric in base layers as they’re ineffective in absorbing moisture. With that said, you should go with moisture-wicking materials such as merino wool or polyester.

With the wide range of base layer clothing on the market today, it can be challenging to find one that will work best for you. To narrow down your options, I looked around for the most popular among fitness enthusiasts.

The Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee is an excellent choice as a base layer because of its impressive breathability and great fit. It feels like you’re wearing nothing yet provides enough warmth for cold temperatures.

Rab is derived from the company owner’s name, Rab Carrington, whose years of experience in the mountains brought him to where he is today.

Let’s take a close look at this base layer and see what more it has to offer!

Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee Detailed Review


If you’re looking for your next go-to base layer, the Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee is what you might have been looking for. It offers an exceptional fit, and you’ll want to wear it all day.

This base layer feels like a second layer of skin with a slim fit and a drop tail hem which keeps everything covered. IT has a decent sleeve and body length that holds it in place, making it suitable for a wide range of movement.


Without a doubt, the Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee is a well-thought workout gear that can be used for different outdoor activities. It’s very lightweight with an estimated 169g/5.9oz.

This base layer is made up of a mix of Superfine Merino and polyester. This intimate blend of fabrics resulted in a sweat-wicking and quick-drying clothing that keeps you comfortable during when working a sweat.

It’s also infused with 37.5™ Technology that makes it durable, easy to wash, and rapid drying.


The Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee offers extreme softness without any itch. Although its fabric is thin, it’s efficient in regulating your body temperature. This thinness is also an advantage as it makes it the perfect foundation for any layering system.

You can layer it nicely without feeling any restriction in your movement, and it doesn’t bulge underneath. Because merino dries really quickly, anyone who loves to sweat a lot would love this base layer.

It’s suitable for doing activities in cool temperatures where you’ll need some help in working up a sweat. However, I won’t suggest using this as a mid-layer because it fits perfectly right next to the skin.


I can’t say that this base layer falls under the budget range, but considering its quality and features, it’s reasonable for its price. The Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee is for those who are serious about getting outdoors despite the cool weather.

This base layer will provide you with the warmth you need without making you feel like you’re being suffocated under a layer of clothes.


All in all, the Rab Merino 120 Long Sleeve Tee is a simple yet efficient base layer. It’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable outdoors during the colder months.

It’s designed to be worn next to the skin, and it does its job effectively. It absorbs sweat, keeps you warm, and allows you to move in all directions without feeling restricted.

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