Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank Review

Stringers are entirely different from other workout clothing items because it is more suitable for bodybuilders and heavyweight lifters. If you are not bulky enough, wearing a stringer would not look very flattering. Also, most bodybuilders are comfortable wearing stringers. This is as it makes it easier for them to move with their huge upper body.

However, the downside of stringers is that they’re mostly made of cotton which makes them easily worn out. But upon looking around the marketplace for a new gym stringer, I came across Pitbull Gym’s clothing range.

They have a wide selection of tops and bottoms that allow you to show off your muscles when you wear them during tough gym sessions. While scrolling through their products, the particular clothing item that caught my attention is their Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank.

According to the brand, it’s a modernised version of the brand’s classic Stringer Tank Top. It has a two-tone colour blocking feature that highlights your physique and shows off your hard-earned gains. This stringer is also made of superior Dri-Fit moisture wicking material keeps you dry while you burn and break a sweat.

If you’ve been searching for a gym stringer that highlights your muscles and keeps you going during workouts, this might be the answer. Let’s look closer into its details to make sure it’s the one you need.

Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank Detailed Review


Bodybuilders need tops that allow them to move freely during gym sessions. The Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank has an excellent fit. It’s not tight-fitting, but it’s not also too loose. These stringers are made with a larger size since they cater mostly to the muscular men.

They also have a decent length as they settle nicely below the waist, so you don’t expose your tummy when raising your arms. All Pitbull Gym tops are available from Medium to XX-Large sizes, so they don’t have any room for the ‘Small’ men (although they do have their pants and shorts in Small size).

The hem on the bottom of the Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank is rounded which is a great addition to the overall appearance of your top.


As written in its name, these stringers come in two-tone colour blocking. They are available in six different colourways, and the colour combinations really blend well. Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white, but I personally like the maroon/charcoal as it makes you stand out in a crowded gym.

Unlike other stringers that have super thin straps, this one comes with thick straps, yet they won’t restrict any movement. The Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank also features the brand’  signature Pitbull Clothing “Jagged Swish” logo stamped on the front. This logo ensures that “you’re purchasing 100% authentic Pitbull Clothing apparel that is 100% MADE IN THE US.”

It’s made of 100% Polyester which resulted in a DRI-FIT moisture-wicking fabric that quickly absorbs sweat and dries up.


If you’re used to cotton gym stringers, you might feel uncomfortable at first with this one. This is as it feels more like a mesh material. However, as you go along with your workout, you’ll figure out that its difference from others stringers that are made of cotton.

The deep armholes and the relaxed fit in this stringer make it the perfect workout buddy for the weightlifters.

And just like most stringers, this one also has a Y-back which supremely exposes your back and allows for a wide range of movement. Stringers are the best clothing items to wear in the gym when you want to grind harder for those gains.


Since the Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank is made of a unique fabric, I find it reasonable for its price. In fact, it’s offered at an excellent value especially now that it’s on sale (at the time of writing.)

There are only a few gym stringers that are like these on the market. And getting one of these would be a rewarding feeling for any bodybuilder.

This DRI-FIT stringer costs almost the same as cotton stringers from other brands. Therefore I think this stringer deserves to be in every gym rat’s wardrobe.


Gym stringers are the specially designed clothing gear for dead lifters, hardcore gym goers, and sweat junkies. If you’re one of those who goes tough during workout sessions, fill your closet with lots of stringers.

But since not all stringers are made equal, you have to choose one doesn’t only look good but also functional. With that, I find the Pitbull Gym Two Tone Dri-Fit Stringer Tank as the one with the most excellent features.

It’s good at wicking away your sweat, and it’s fabric is extremely breathable, allowing you to last longer. And for the price its currently offered, this stringer is definitely a steal.

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