Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk Review

Looking a stylish and perfect-fitting swimwear is a common frustration among men, which is why a lot of them can last for several years wearing the same swimwear.

Without a doubt, swimming trunks are preferred by most men as they’re more flattering than other types of swimwear. Briefs can look awkward at times, while oversized board shorts make you appear as if you’re being swallowed, right?

But what most men don’t see is the wide selection of stylish swimwear on the marketplace – which means it’s time to replace your old swimwear. And to make it easier for you, I looked everywhere to find the best possible swimming trunks in this day and age.

Before I started the vigorous search, I had a few things to consider when buying swimwear. And after a couple of hours, I came across the Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk, and they seemed to fit every category.

These swim trunks are simple, yet they look sophisticated. The shape is nicely structured, and they come with functional pockets to store your essentials when you’re dry.

Who says swim trunks only get to be worn during hot summer days? The Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk looks very stylish that it’s also suitable for casual outfits or even for working out. They are indeed simple, but there’s something in these shorts that hook men to buy them.

Keep on reading this review if you want to find out why!

Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk Detailed Review


Some swim trunks tend to be very short, so they stick between your legs. Luckily, the Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk has a decent length, and it comes with a 5-inch inseam. This provides enough coverage for your legs and also allows enough space for a wide range of movement.

This swim trunk also features a StretchTrak technology which means its extremely stretchable as compared to other trunks. It’s made to be simple, without any unnecessary details for a worry-free swim.

The Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk also has a drawstring waist that keeps it secure so you can jump out of the pool or beach without having to pull it up.


Obviously, these swim trunks don’t have any unusual design to them. However, they do have functional pockets included which keeps your essentials safe and secure.

The Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk features open front pockets on both sides, which are common on most trunks. But what sets this one apart from the rest is its zip pocket at the back. This is very useful especially when you always misplace your essentials such as keys or money.

This swim trunk also has an inner mesh liner to support your boys when swimming. In case you’re wondering about its fabric, it’s made of 84% nylon and 16% spandex – which makes it incredibly stretchable.


Once you wear this swim trunk, you’ll want to wear them all year round. They’re soft and comfortable, and as mentioned, they’re really stretchy.

However, one downside, which is also a common problem among swim trunks, is that it can become slightly transparent when wet. Don’t worry; it won’t reveal anything, just make sure to wear a nice pair of boxer briefs to compliment the trunks.

And if you’re not used to wearing trunks when swimming as they are shorter than casual shorts, you can size up to get your desired length.


To be honest, I find these shorts quite expensive, yet I think they’re at a reasonable price. Since they’re made of a stretchy and soft material, I would say they’re valuable for the price tag.

I like how the Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk, unlike other swim trunks, won’t cause any chafing and it won’t get stuck between your legs. Plus, nylon is the ideal material to be used for swimwear as it dries up faster than other fabrics – and this is mostly made up of nylon.


Buying swim trunks have become harder and harder with the continuously growing market for swimwear. There are the established brands that the whole world is familiar with. While there are also a lot of up and coming brand that offer impressive features.

Despite these, I found the Outdoor Voices Swim Trunk one of the most efficient yet straightforward swimwear for men. It comes it a classic black colour which is always available, and it’s also available in three vibrant colours which are only seasonal.

All in all, I think this swim trunk suits most men especially those who want their clothes to be comfortably worn on any occasion.

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