New Balance Power Bra Review

A lot of women consider shopping for sports bras as one of the greatest frustration of their lives. It’s not the easiest task to do, but it shouldn’t also be that difficult.

To make sure you’re getting the sports bra that best suits you, check out our buying guide here. But generally, when looking for a sports bra, you should consider comfort and support on top of its appearance. There different types of sports bras and they also come in numerous styles, which makes it essential to invest in one that is meant for you.

If your cup size is around C or above, it can even be more challenging for you to search for a good bra that provides enough support. Having big breasts can be a hindrance when working out as it can be painful and also distracting.

But with the wide selection of sports bras on the market today, you can now easily find the bra that can keep your girls in place. The New Balance Power Bra is one of the sports bras that can keep up with high-intensity workouts.

This brand has long been one of the most relied brands when it comes to high-performance sports gears, and this sports bra didn’t disappoint. It’s a pullover, racerback style and it’s designed for high-impact support and comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at its features and see if it’s the right sports bra for you.

New Balance Power Bra Detailed Review


Not all sports bras are suitable for every female sports enthusiast, some may be too small even on the biggest size, and some may be too big on the smallest. Thankfully, the New Balance Power Bra has a full size range as it’s available from 32A to 42DD.

For those who fall in between sizes, there’s no need to worry about going a size up as its band and straps are both adjustable. This is also helpful for those who want extra snug and support from the sports bra.

The New Balance Power Bra is an excellent option for curvy runners who are seeking for extra support during activity.


Different types of sports bras are suited for various kinds of activities. This one is made specifically for high-intensity workouts as it provides encapsulation and compression support. It comes with internal cups and lining that supports each breast individually, while the outside shell offers compression.

If you often find red marks on your shoulders and back when removing your bra, the New Balance Power Bra should be on top of your list. Its hook/eye closure, as well as the strap lining, are both infused with gel to eliminate discomfort during your activity.

Your girls are also guaranteed to be secured with this sports bra because its adjustable strap on the back is 1-inch wide and it’s also non-slip. This bra offers full coverage and its available in a variety of sleek colour combinations.


The New Balance Power Bra has a minimal design, but its fabric is what makes it unique. Its made of 44% Polyester, 44% Recycled Polyester and 12% Spandex, which resulted in a lightweight and stretchable sports bra.

It also has a powermesh lining that wicks sweat and regulates air flow through your breasts. The shoulder straps on this bra are likewise not too thick, so your back is kept exposed the cool breeze.

This bra has sculpted moulded padded cups that provide support and shaping even for women in C and D cups. Also, its also designed with a stabilised centre frame, underbust cradle, side frame and straps, so it moves along with your body.


New Balance is known for its reliable products, yet they keep their prices attainable for fitness enthusiasts. The New Balance Power Bra is a worthwhile investment for women who love running and doing other kinds of high-intensity activities.

This sports bra isn’t cheap, yet it’s reasonable for its price with all the excellent features and durable quality. With its wide range of size, it can provide support and coverage for women of all shapes.


The New Balance Power Bra is meant for high-intensity workouts, making it suitable for a wide range of movement. Whether its running, yoga or mountain climbing, this bra is guaranteed to provide a secure and supportive fit.

This bra keeps everything in place while keeping you comfortable throughout the activity. The racerback design also makes it easy to wear and take off, and the gel-infused straps won’t dig into your skin.

Overall, the New Balance Power Bra is a solid option for tough workouts and long-distance runs.

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