LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Review

Last modified: December 17, 2018

LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Review



Vivotion LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Review There are numerous options of cute workout-appropriate tank tops on the market, but the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top caught my attention. 5208
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LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Review unnamed There are numerous options of cute workout-appropriate tank tops on the market, but the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top caught my attention.

LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Review

Working out on hot days can be frustrating, especially if you’re not wearing the right clothes. Some people tend to warm up quicker than others, making them feel super exhausted during the first few minutes of their training. However, this can be prevented with the help of the right workout gear.

As a general rule of thumb, the less material you wear, the less sweaty you’ll be. And although you’re really aiming to sweat out, you don’t want your sweat to be all over the place. That’s why the best option to wear during hot workouts is a tank top.

However, not all tank tops are created equal, and some of them aren’t workout appropriate. Even though it’s a nice tank top, if it’s made of cotton, then you should cross it out of your shopping list. When buying workout tops, you should always make sure that they’re made of lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric.

And of course, you also want to look good in your workout clothes. This can help boost your motivation to smash your workout.

There are numerous options of cute workout-appropriate tank tops on the market, but the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top caught my attention. This relatively new East London based brand offers a range of premium quality stylish activewear.

Ther Sebastian Tank Top is described as “not your typical basketball tank”. It looks like a regular tank top, but it offers many features that will make you last longer during sessions. So, what’s so special about this tank top? Keep on reading to find out!

LNDR Sebastian Tank Top Detailed Review


The LNDR Sebastian Tank Top is inspired by the classic basketball tank. It has a relaxed fit and features a round neckline. And since it’s the brand’s feminine take on the basketball jersey, it also has very fine all-over laser-cut holes to complete the look.

These holes will bare a little more skin, but this will allow more breathability for your skin during hot workouts! Aside from that, you can also wear contrasting colours underneath to add more detail.

It’s available from XS to L. However; it’s only available in one colour – Navy.


Even if you’re not a fan of basketball, you’ll find the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top efficient when working out. It’s constructed from a premium Italian fabric that’s made up of a combination of 59% Polyamide and 41% Elastane.

This makes the top sweat-wicking, U.V resistant and quick drying – all you need for a successful workout session! It also features a reflective logo on the chest and a racerback cut that allows a fuller range of motion.


The LNDR Sebastian Tank Top is UV resistant, making it perfect for running on a sunny day. However, be sure to apply some sunblock on your back as it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

With its laser-cut holes, this tank top will provide you with superior ventilation and breathability. It gives you a sporty yet chic look, and you can pair it with anything. Wear it with leggings, shorts, or even jeans for a casual look.

This tank top allows maximum flexibility so you can confidently move in all directions. Plus, its relaxed fit is made for easy layering so you won’t feel like it’s too tight.


There is no denying that the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top is quite expensive than most tank tops. But considering its quality and functionality, it’s definitely worth the shot. This tank top is well-thought, and it has strategically designed features, making it efficient for any type of workout.

Plus, you can wear this tank top all year round, just put on a jacket on cold days and you’re good to go!


Overall, the LNDR Sebastian Tank Top is a solid choice for athletes, runners, and gym-goers. Even though it’s inspired from a classic basketball jersey, it’s nothing too sport and manly. In fact, it will surely turn heads whenever you wear it.

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