Checkout These 8 of the Best Pilates YouTube Workouts to Do at Home

Most of the women tend to have less But, girl, you don’t have to apply for an expensive gym membership just go get fit.

But without some sweat at the gym or at home, you can’t have that dream body you want. You have to work hard to achieve your dream body.

If you’re that kind of person who’s not a gym-goer and is someone who prefers to work out alone but also in need of some guidance. Or a pregnant woman who needs some Pilates routine, there are YouTube workout videos you can follow. You can target more than just your core from your room or even from your living room floor.

Once you find that light of motivation you’ve been looking for, you can try these 8 of the best Pilates YouTube workouts. 

   But before you sweat and train insane, make sure that you’re wearing your best workout clothes for women and best mens workout clothes.

First Things First: Pilates

In our previous article, we have provided you with an At-Home Pilates Workout Routine for BeginnersFeel free to check that article out if you prefer to have a Pilates routine on your own.

Speaking of Pilates, you might have heard of this method of exercise several times before, but you don’t have any idea what is it really about. One of the reasons why Pilates is famous up to this day is because it develops the core strength, stability, and flexibility.

This aims to strengthen your body with particular emphasis on core strength to improve your general fitness and wellbeing. According to NHSPilates was developed by German-born Joseph Pilates, who believed mental and physical health were closely connected.

His method was influenced by western forms of exercise, including gymnastics, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Promising Benefits

  • A mind-body workout
  • Improves posture
  • Tones muscle
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Balance and Joint mobility
  • Conditions body
  • Improves sports performance
  • Prevent injuries

The 8 Best Pilates Youtube Workouts to Try

If you’re looking for an at-home Pilates workout that’s great for your abs, chest, and whole body. And if you’re a runner, pregnant and wants to lose weights, you can try these Pilates YouTube workouts.

Pilates workout with no equipment required:

  • Pilates YouTube Workout for Abs, Butt and Thighs

Duration: 25 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of FitnessBlender on YouTube.

  • Whole Body Pilates YouTube Workout

Duration: 10 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of blogilates on YouTube.

Pilates workout with mat required equipment:

  • Pilates YouTube Workout with Bands

Duration: 30 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of jessicasmithtv on YouTube.

  • Pilates YouTube Workout for Pregnancy

Duration: 20 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of BodyFit By Amy on YouTube.

  • Pilates Youtube Workout for Runners

Duration: 20 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of Sophia Pym on YouTube.

  • Pilates YouTube Workout for Weight Loss

Duration: 15 minutes. The video footage below is courtesy of Boho Beautiful on YouTube.

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