Gymshark Ark Hoodie Review

Hoodies are an all-around item of clothing for a lot of men. It can be worn with more or less any outfit, whether it’s for casual or for working out.

Wearing a hoodie not only keeps you warm during cold days but it also makes you appear athletic but without looking too sporty. And although there are a lot of hoodies available in the market, and even in thrift shops, there are still some things to consider when buying one.

Having said that, one of the emerging brands when it comes to hoodies and other sports apparel is Gymshark. This growing brand has increasingly become popular among fitness enthusiasts because of their stylish and high-quality products.

The Gymshark Ark Hoodie is the latest addition to the Gymshark hoodie collection. According to the brand, this hoodie offers “supreme comfort and design.”

It may look no different from average hoodies, but upon taking a closer look at its features, you’ll notice the difference. The Gymshark Ark Hoodie doesn’t just keep you warm and cosy. It also allows you to move freely despite almost entirely covering your upper body.

With this review, you’ll be able to determine whether the Gymshark Ark Hoodie suits you or not.

Gymshark Ark Hoodie Detailed Review


The Gymshark Ark Hoodie is said to be designed with a looser fit but still emphasises your hard-earned gains. Its soft fabric clings to your body, yet it’s not that tight-fitting so it won’t restrict any kind of movement.

Although the hoodie does cling to your body, it’s made to move with you during any activity. However, the downside with this is that since it’s tighter at the bottom, it’s quite harder to wear. Unlike most other hoodies. But the advantage with it is that it looks more aesthetically pleasing than regular hoodies.

Since it has a tapered effect as it narrows down the hips, it really shows off your physique while keeping you warm on the inside.


This hoodie doesn’t have any hidden pockets or whatsoever, so it’s really hard to tell how it’s unique from others. However, once you see it personally, you’ll notice how durable and lightweight the fabric feels.

And as with most, if not all, Gymshark products, this hoodie comes with an embroidered shark head Gymshark logo on the front. It also features a fully lined hood with drawcord if you want to secure the warmth around your body.

The Gymshark Ark Hoodie is best recommended to wear at the gym as the weather turns cooler, but you can also use it on most days.


Unless you feel the actual hoodie, you won’t believe how soft the fabric is. But to give you an idea, the Gymshark Ark Hoodie is made up of 60% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 5% Elastane. These materials resulted into a soft touch jersey fabric that hugs your body just right. 

If you don’t prefer a slim fit, you can get a size up since there’s only a slight difference. The lightweight fabric used in this hoodie is enough to keep you warm during colder days, yet still keeps you cool as the weather gets warm.

This hoodie is an essential gym wear especially when the cold breeze of the air prevents sweat from coming out of your body.


There’s no denying that Gymshark offers its products at prices a price close to many established athletic apparel brands. However, since the Gymshark Ark Hoodie is made of quality and durable materials, I believe that they’re worth the price tag.

Sure, there’s a wide selection of hoodies everywhere, but this one shows off your gains while covering you up at the same time.

Not only is the Gymshark Ark Hoodie comfortable and stretchable, but it’s lightweight as well. They therefore won’t be a heavy burden when you put it inside your bag.


Many fitness enthusiasts are still doubtful on buying Gymshark products, but I tell you, this hoodie did not disappoint. The brand stayed true to their word when they said that the Gymshark Ark Hoodie offers a combination of supreme comfort and design.

This hoodie is specially designed for gym use. But since it looks sleek, you can wear it when heading out for brunch, or maybe when running some errands.

The Gymshark Ark Hoodie is aesthetically pleasing, highlighting your upper body gains, and its material moves along with your body.

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