Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank Review

Wearing tank tops isn’t always a good idea for a lot of men, especially those who have just started working out. It can be intimidating to reveal your arms while others have visible gains even when they’re fully covered.

However, wearing a tank top isn’t always about how you look. It’s also about the comfort you get whilst working out.

If you have a naturally warm body, you are more prone to overheating. Therefore you need to wear the right clothes.

Choosing the best workout clothes is essential, but it can be a difficult task. Some of the things you have to consider when buying tank tops are: comfortable, great fit that doesn’t restrict movement, highly breathable, and sweat-wicking.

It’s also a great addition to find a tank top that boasts reflective details so you can go out for a run or walk even during low-light conditions.

With the wide selection of tank tops in the market, it’s tough to choose which one to buy. But after I came across the Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank, it looks like the search is over.

Fourlaps is a new, up-and-coming brand, and its products are pretty impressive. This tank top is made of breathable material, and it includes their signature logo on the back which is also reflective.

Let’s start with the review before you run out of stocks – because this tank top is limited edition!

Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank Detailed Review


Working out in tight clothes isn’t just annoying but also not aesthetically-pleasing. The Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank is an athletic fit. This means it hugs your upper body enough to highlight your shape. It’s not too tight-fitting so it doesn’t suffocate or restrict any movement.

This stylish yet comfortable and highly-breathable tank top will surely turn heads when you wear it to the gym, or for a casual outfit. Its also made of moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry after an intense workout, helping you last longer.

Although its specifically made as a workout clothing item, the Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank is also suitable to wear during summer. It’s a good choice of clothing when you just can’t take the heat of the sun and the absence of the cool breeze.


Crazy prints aren’t for everyone. And it’s a good thing that Fourlaps has incorporated a simple yet sleek design in this tank top. The tank tops are available in vibrant colour schemes, and they all feature a stripe across the chest. All the details combined give you a preppy look while still looking masculine when wearing the top.

The Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank is made of a mesh material that’s composed of 100% Polyester, and it’s similar to a basketball jersey.

This tank top also boasts a moisture-wicking fabric that takes on tough workouts. And it also has a reflective heat seal on the back to keep you visible even at night.


With its highly-breathable fabric, this tank top can keep your body well-ventilated and continuously cools you down throughout your workout. And although it’s made of mesh material which has tiny holes all over, it’s also moisture-wicking which dries you up quickly.

In this way, you’ll never soak up in your own sweat, and you’ll feel better after a tough day at the gym.

The Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank is also infused with an anti-odour technology that keeps you smelling fresh after your workout. That means you can head straight to brunch or hang out with your friends after sweating your body out.


As for the price, I think the Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank is offered at a good value. With its moisture-wicking mesh fabric that’s also odour-resistant, you’ll get the value for your money.

What I also like about this tank top is the highly visible reflective detail at the back. This is as it doesn’t just keep you safe at night, but also adds to its overall style. You can surely find cheaper tank tops everywhere. However, this one surely won’t disappoint, and its durable material will make it last a long time.


The Fourlaps Reflective 4 Dash Tank isn’t merely a cool-looking workout clothing, but it also does its job well.

It allows you to head on for a morning run straight to a morning coffee date – without looking haggard and sweaty! This is one of the most sophisticated yet straightforward tank tops I’ve seen, but it’s not just impressive on the outside.

Its unique mesh material and anti-odour technology keeps you dry and smelling fresh all day. This tank top is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle without having to compromise looking preppy and stylish.

And as I mentioned, this collection with the reflective detail on the back is only limited edition. Therefore you’ll be one of the few people who’ll own one of these.

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