Gym Undress Code: Five Things You Should Avoid Wearing in the Gym

The phrase “dress for success” is often heard in the corporate world. However, this mantra can also be used in your fitness journey as what you wear in the gym matters.

Your workout outfit will have a significant impact on your overall performance. Most of the gym goers would want to see the fruits of their hard work. But wearing the wrong attire can delay the process.

It is important to know what’s the perfect outfit and accessories we should bring in the gym. And it’s also important to have a background about the gym undress code.

The t-shirt you bought online such as cotton t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, along with other accessories may wreak havoc on your body, giving you a hard time getting the job done.

Five Things You Should Avoid Wearing in the Gym

In this article, we will break down the gym undress code: five things you should avoid wearing when you’re sweating up in the gym. It is essential that we’re comfortable whenever we’re doing our routine. This is so we can focus more without any delay in our process.

1. Lotion and Makeup

There’s nothing wrong with wearing lotion and makeup every day owing to the fact that girls want to look presentable anywhere they go.

However, lotion and makeup are one of the forbidden things you should avoid at the gym. Let’s say a lotion or a moisturizer can get rid of your dry skin, but considering that the substance will mix with your sweat during an intense workout?

That’s a no, no for us. Imagine combining lotion and sweat?

A sticky feeling and greasy mess will just annoy you. And the clammy feeling on your legs and slippery hands will kill your upper body workout. Another thing to avoid, for a while, is makeup.

“Makeup has its time and place, and the gym is not one of them,” says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “When you sweat, dirt and oil can build up under makeup, which leads to irritation, and promotes acne breakouts.”

According to Zeichner, if your goal is to actually work out at the gym, it’s best to go with a freshly washed face wearing nothing besides a light sunscreen. Letting our skin rest without putting anything product on our face will allow our skin to breathe.

2. 100% Cotton Clothes

According to Chad, a certified personal trainer, cotton absorbs every ounce of sweat. That being said, wearing cotton whilst working out will make you feel like you’re wearing a wet towel.

The more moist clothing is, the more likely bacteria will grow—especially if you’re wearing it for long periods of time, says Navya Mysore, M.D., a physician at One Medical in New York. And “if any open areas of skin are exposed to bacteria-filled workout clothes, it can lead to a fungal infection at the site,” she explains.

Instead of cotton, opt for dri-fit workout clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable.

3. Worn-out Sneakers

If you can see the treads and the design starts to wear out — that’s the sign that your sneakers are old. If you want to work out in the most comfortable way you could ever imagine, DO NOT wear worn-out sneakers.

Reasons? Worn-out sneakers mean less cushion and shock absorption. If you don’t want to throw off the alignment of your feet, knees, and hips, make sure to prepare nice sneakers for your workout.

4. Regular Bras or Stretched-Out Sports Bras

It is advised to not to wear your regular bras and stretched-out sports bras in the gym. A good sports bra is considered a necessity for most, if not all, physically active women.

Aside from covering the breasts, a sports bra also serves as great support and comfort. If you want to prevent your breasts from sagging and getting injured during strenuous workouts or activities, make sure to choose the best sports bra for your workout routine.

5. Jewellery

Who doesn’t want a perfect workout routine, right? If you want to achieve your goal without getting awkward with your movements such as lifting weights, running and such, remind yourself not to wear a necklace with a long pendant and rings that could affect your grip on the weights.

In short, avoid using jewellery in the gym. If you’re wearing anything, you can leave it in your bag or in the locker.

If necessary, just leave it at your home. We hope that this article will help to remind yourself to avoid these gym undress codes. Therefore allowing you to perform well and not delay the process of your fitness journey.

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