Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock Review

Investing in the right gym clothes and shoes is never wrong, it’s actually a great thing. However, if you feel like shelling out serious cash for those things will enhance your performance, then it’s also essential that you consider buying the right type of socks.

Just like footwear, there are specific socks that are made of specific workouts. There are different types of socks available based on your physical activity. Such as those that come with shock absorption for running and HIIT. There are also socks that are made of a thinner material for cyclists and no-slip bottoms for yogists.

Socks can do more than just keeping your feet comfortable and minimising the occurrence of blisters. A good pair of socks can increase your workout performance and can also prevent sore after a tough session.

How would you know if you’re getting the right pair of socks? Well, we have a list of things to consider when buying workout socks. But generally, the ideal socks should be made of breathable performance fabrics that wick away moisture.

Now, with all these in mind, it can be tricky to find the perfect pair of socks. But you don’t have to spend time searching as I already did the work for you.

And after looking around, I found the Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock to be a solid option for most activities. Aside from providing you with better performance, these socks are also worth your money. This is as they come with a lifetime guarantee!

Here’s an in-depth review of the socks for you to have an idea on how they get the job done.

Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock Detailed Review



The Feeture!s Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock is constructed to be ultra-thin. Therefore it only takes up minimal room inside your shoe. This is suitable for those who aren’t comfortable wearing thick socks. And it also doesn’t make your shoes feel tighter than usual.

The ‘No Show Tab’ means that the height of the socks sits below the ankle for maximum versatility. And it allows you to do a wide range of movements without feeling restricted.

These socks feature an anatomical design that doesn’t only enhance the fit, but also provides maximum comfort as well as protection by eliminating blisters.


Feetures! boasts this product as their ‘most technically advanced sock.’ They are designed with a patented Sock-Lock Technology that provides targeted compression where you need it most.

This targeted Compression provides superior comfort and support during any physical activity. The Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock also comes with iWick fibres that wick moisture to keep your feet cool and dry.

These socks are also designed with Perfect Toe® which means there are no irritating seams on the toes.



Working out without socks is definitely uncomfortable, that’s why these are one of the essentials. The Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock is lightweight and thin so you’ll barely feel it while you’re wearing it.

After a killer workout, your feet will surely sweat, but they shouldn’t stay like that. But with the iWick fibres in these socks, you’re feet are kept cool and dry throughout the day.

The shape of these socks also conforms to the left and right structure of the foot. So they perfectly fit like Cinderella’s shoe.



There are a lot of cheap socks on the market, with some even sold in bulk, while a pair of the Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock probably costs more than several pairs of low-quality socks.

But as mentioned in the introduction, investing in a good pair of socks is as important as buying a good pair of sneakers. No matter how expensive your shoes are, if you’re not wearing the right socks, then you still can’t get away from pain on your feet.


The Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock is not the type of socks to keep you warm during cold days. So if that’s what you’re in for, then these aren’t for you.

However, these socks are suitable for most other weathers as some people can get sweaty feet even by just walking a few meters. With its breathability and sweat-wicking technology, this sock is a solid choice for any type of workout.

It helps you last longer during workout sessions, and it keeps you on the right track.

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