Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie Review

Hoodies aren’t the most popular type of workout clothing items; some even don’t feel the need to wear them especially when it’s hot.

However, there are quite a couple of reasons why you should wear hoodies not only for running but also for training. For starters, hoodies prevent awkward moments when people stare at your body. If you have noticeable features, it can feel uncomfortable whenever someone takes a quick glance at your goodies while running or working out.

But if you wear a hoodie, you can have a worry-free workout because it eliminates reasons to stare at you.

Aside from that, hoodies are also great for keeping your valuables. If you can’t last a few minutes without your mobile phone, a hoodie is a quick solution to keep it close at hand but out of the way.

When going for a run on cold months, hoodies keep you warm and help you sweat. But even on slightly sunny days, you can also maximise the use of hoodies – but not all.

Some hoodies are solely made to keep you warm on cold days, while there are some that are made especially for working out all year round. For you to be able to use it when working a sweat, the hoodie needs to be breathable, sweat-wicking and lightweight.

There’s a wide selection of hoodies with these features, but there’s something about the Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie that I found interesting. Fabletics is an innovative and high-quality athleisure brand that’s co-founded by Kate Hudson. It doesn’t only boasts stylish clothing pieces, but also affordable prices.

Their oversized hoodie is a solid option for those who aren’t fans of skin-tight hoodies for working out. Now let’s see what more it has to offer aside from a roomy design.

Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie Detailed Review


As mentioned, this hoodie is an oversized fit, which means you get some extra room. However, some customers say it’s too baggy even for an oversized fit. If that’s an issue, you might want to go down a size for a more snuggly fit.

If you’re really petite, this might not be the hoodie for you. But for curvy and tall girls, the Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie should be a good find. Although it’s not as flattering as slim-fit hoodies, it still does an excellent job at helping you sweat more and covering your humps and lumps.

And despite being oversized, this hoodie is lightweight, so you don’t feel you’re carrying something heavy when working out.


What’s a hoodie without pockets? The Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie comes with pockets on both sides. These can help you can go hands-free and still quickly reach your phone or other valuables when you need them.

Since this is a zip-up hoodie, you can open it when you feel too warm. But you don’t have to worry about sweating too much in this hoodie because it features a moisture-control technology.

It quickly absorbs sweat and evaporates moisture into thin air, so it’s kept dry and lightweight. This makes it suitable for running, training, or any low to high-impact activities.

This hoodie also comes with a pretty detail – a draped back and flattering high-low hem. Although not everyone thinks it’s a nice addition to the overall look of the hoodie, I think it looks great if you find the right size. This additional detail also covers your bum, so you don’t have to worry about it being exposed.


The Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie is made for working out, but on lazy days, it’s also perfect for lounging. It’s really soft and lightweight due to the 89% Polyester and 11% Elastane. This hoodie is the perfect workout buddy during the day, and it can turn into a cuddle buddy at night.

You know the feeling when it’s cold and you put your hands inside the pockets, but then it gets too warm? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with this hoodie as it features thumb holes to balance the warmth for your hands when they’re in the pocket.

Also, one customer mentioned that dog hair brushes off easily on this hoodie, which is an advantage to those who have pets at home.


Fabletics is a brand that aims to provide quality yet affordable workout clothes to fitness enthusiasts. However, I didn’t expect to get the Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie at such a low price! They even offer 50% off on your first purchase; it really saved me a lot of money.

Despite being highly-affordable, the quality of this hoodie isn’t compromised, it’s made of high-quality materials that make it last a long time. With its current selling price, you’ll surely receive a hoodie that’s worth more than what you paid for.


All in all, the Fabletics Kyla Oversized Zip Hoodie is a great addition to your wardrobe. That’s if you don’t mind having some extra room for your body to breathe.

This hoodie is an excellent choice for physically active women who don’t mind a slightly baggy fit in their workout clothes. Although it doesn’t highlight your hard-earned curves and shape, this hoodie will surely keep you warm and comfortable. Plus, its oversized fit allows you to do a wide range of movements.

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