Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket Review

Jackets are often bulky and heavy, which is why most of us choose not to bring one when going out. And for cyclists, the unpredictable weather is a common dilemma. You go out on a hot sunny day – so you don’t feel the need for a jacket- then you suddenly get soaked in the rain while you’re on the road.

This instance is one of the main reasons why a waterproof and windproof jacket is a must-have item in your closet. But as mentioned, it’s not the most convenient piece of clothing to bring. It can get in the way especially when it requires you to store it in a big bag.

Thankfully, with the help of innovation and technology, there are many lightweight jackets available on the market today. But aside from being lightweight, the Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket also boasts of its packable construction. It can even fit in most pockets!

That means it’s not only used for a long weekend ride, but also for a daily commute where there’s the chance of a rain shower or two. With its Altura Shield™ technology, this jacket will keep you dry and comfortable. And it also allows you to ride at any time of the day!

If you’re a passionate cycler, but the dark skies have been stopping you from riding, then the Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket might be your best companion. Let’s take a closer look into its features to make sure it’s not merely a stylish jacket, but also a functional one.

Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket Detailed Review


This jacket is a ‘semi-fitted’ cut. This means you get the water and windproofing without the feeling of the jacket sticking to your skin. This also gives room for some air to flow around your body, despite being mostly covered.

The Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket is finished with simple elasticated cuffs and waist, so it doesn’t fold up while riding, leaving you with no worries. It’s also effortless to wear and take off; you can do it even while you’re on your bike.

And as mentioned, this convenient jacket packs down into its own pocket for easy storage. However, it’s not that easy to stuff the whole jacket into the small pocket, especially with its unique fabric and taped seams that are hard to fold.

Nonetheless, once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate how it’s really lightweight at only 154g.


The Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket is suitable mostly for cycling, with its dropped tail and back pocket. Aside from its bright and fun colours, this jacket makes it safe for you to ride at night. With its Altura Darkproof® technology, it ensures you have 360-degree visibility to other road users.

It also features “strategically located” highly retroreflective details. This returns the maximum light back to the light source, such as headlights from cars.

Aside from that, this jacket is also incorporated with an Altura Shield™ technology to protect you from wind and water, whilst still offering high levels of breathability. This feature makes it efficient both for keeping you dry and comfortable while riding under the light showers.


With the Altura ErgoFit™ 3D patterning, this jacket allows for a comfortable riding position. It also has a 15/15 waterproofness and breathability rating, so you’re guaranteed to stay cool and dry throughout the day.

As for its warming abilities, it doesn’t provide much, but wearing a thermal base layer could do the trick. It can leave you damp from your sweat at the end of the ride, which isn’t a problem. But this should be kept in mind if you plan to wear it when over office clothes, or when running errands.

Taking care of this jacket is also pretty easy.  You can toss it in the washing machine. But since it’s made of 100% nylon, a quick wipe around should be enough until it’s completely dry.


Just like any other product on the market, there are a lot of cheaper options which is more preferred by practical buyers. However, this Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket is one of the most innovative and convenient rainwear today.

Aside from its packable construction, its excellent water and windproofing ability, breathability, and highly-visible colour make it a good buy for the price.


After a careful review, the Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket appears to be an excellent companion for the physically active women. It’s semi-fitted cut makes it a great addition to your overall outfit. Plus, it hi-viz colour, along with the reflective detailing allows you to go out and cycle. Regardless of the time and the weather.

If you’ve searched everywhere for a handy waterproof jacket that you can use anywhere, then the Altura Flite 2 Women’s Waterproof Jacket should definitely be at the top of your list.

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