RVCA VA Vent Tank Top Review

If you’re a serious bodybuilder or even just a beginner, tank tops are indeed the clothing item to flaunt your hard-earned muscles and keep them relaxed.

Cotton tank tops are undeniably the most comfortable clothing piece for everyday use, but wearing them for working out is a big mistake. Aside from retaining moisture and transferring sweat to everything you get close to, cotton also causes chafing and skin irritation.

For this reason, you should make sure to avoid anything made of cotton when choosing your workout clothes. The ideal tank tops to wear when working a sweat should be made of sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester, nylon, or spandex.

There are endless options on the market, but to narrow down your choices, I already looked out for some of the best out there.

The RVCA VA Vent Tank Top is the perfect training top as it balances your body temperature during the sweatiest workouts. It has strategically-placed mesh panels for breathability, and it’s also treated with anti-bacterial technology.

Although this brand mostly caters to surfers, they also have a wide selection of pieced for gym rats. This tank top is designed for working out, but because it’s simply stylish, you’ll want to pair it with your favourite shorts or jeans!

Now, let’s take a closer look at it and see how it gets the job done.

RVCA VA Vent Tank Top Detailed Review


The RVCA VA Vent Tank Top is suitable for most body types with its regular fit. It’s not too snug to restrict your movements, but it’s also not too baggy to distract you during sessions. If you’re tall and you’re particular with the length of the item, this one an excellent choice for you.

This tank top has a decent length so you can freely move in all direction without exposing any skin. With its moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric, you’ll be able to last longer and go farther during workout sessions.


RVCA did a good job in designing this tank top. There are no vibrant patterns and colours, but their logos in front and at the back will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Aside from that, the RVCA VA Vent Tank Top is also the ultimate workout buddy. Its fabric is a combination of 60% Polyester, 35% Viscose, and 5% Elastane, which resulted in a lightweight, stretchable and moisture-wicking fabric.

It also comes with perforated panels at the back and sides for breathability which can help enhance your performance. This is a solid choice especially during warmer months when your body needs to be balanced to prevent overheating.


With the help of its mesh panels, this tank top will keep your body well-ventilated and comfortable throughout the sweatiest workouts. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking so it dries you up quickly, which also prevents any chafing and skin irritation.

In this way, you’ll never soak up in your sweat, and you’ll feel better after a tough day at the gym.

The RVCA VA Vent Tank Top also boasts an anti-microbial fabric that blocks the buildup of odour-causing bacteria. This allows you to head straight to brunch or with your friends right after an intense workout session.


Men don’t typically spend a lot of money on clothes, that’s why this tank top is also a great find. Its features are similar to more expensive tank tops, but it’s offered at a value that won’t break the bank. With its lightweight fabric, anti-microbial technology, and mesh panels you’re guaranteed value for your money.


The RVCA VA Vent Tank Top will be your next favourite tank top with its simple yet functional features. The brand describes it as “perfect for training”, and I couldn’t agree more. This tank top doesn’t offer much, but its performance is over the top.

You can wear this top all year long even when it’s not hot. Just layer it with your favourite jacket to give it a whole new look!

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