Lululemon ABC Jogger Review

Lululemon started 20 years ago, with female yogis mostly being their primary focus. However, due to a landslide of positive feedback from their customers, the athletics apparel store also showed interest in a number of other physical activities, particularly running.

Recently, the brand has launched their first collection of athletic apparel for men. This means they can also freely shop inside Lululemon stores! Just like in women’s clothing, Lululemon didn’t focus on male yogis. They also considered runners, cyclists, CrossFit enthusiasts, golf as well as other athletes.

Now let’s move on to the Lululemon ABC Jogger, but first, what’s ABC? It means Anti-Ball Crushing. The ABC Collection of Lululemon aims to keep men comfortable no matter what type of activity they engage themselves in.

Joggers are not the most popular type of pants for men as they can emphasise the boys down there. But the Lululemon ABC Jogger is made of a unique fabric that keeps you away from – this is awkward – intimate pulling, pinching, or smushing.

These sleek joggers will provide you with some manly comfort while keeping you in style.

If you want to know more about the Lululemon ABC Jogger, you’ve come to the right place as I’m going take a closer look at them. Let’s see why a lot of men have been obsessing over these men’s joggers.

This detailed review will help you become an informed buyer before you finally hit one of their stores.

Lululemon ABC Jogger Detailed Review


The Lululemon ABC Jogger is among the brand’s ABC Collection (Anti-Ball Crushing), which also includes a regular, slim, and tall fit. Once worn, it sits at your hips and its narrow from knee to ankle, but still has enough room for the butt and quads.

Although it’s indicated to be designed for “Office, Travel, and Commute”, the Lululemon ABC Jogger is also suitable for running, biking, or lounging. The sweat-wicking material used in these pants make them suitable for low to medium impact workouts.

It’s also incorporated with four-way stretch fabric so it won’t stick between your legs once you release the moist all over your body.


Lululemon is known for incorporating hidden pockets into their apparel, which is excellent for keeping your things safe and secure. The Lululemon ABC Jogger also comes with hidden media and coin pocket. This is where you can store your mobile phone and money so that you can take them anywhere with you.

They also have pockets on the side that perfectly blend in with the overall look of the pants. Unlike other joggers, the pockets in this one don’t bulk out. It also comes with a secure zipper pocket on the back to store your other essentials.

The Lululemon ABC Jogger has a drawcord that you can wear either inside or outside to reduce bulkiness.


When it comes to comfort, you won’t be disappointed because Lululemon boasts a Warpstreme™ fabric that’s four-way stretch and sweat-wicking. The material is also incredibly light, and it allows your boys to breathe freely inside.

Whether you’re planning to go for a run, bike, or hit the gym, the Lululemon ABC Jogger is undoubtedly something you can wear. You can even use them on a casual day as they can be easily paired with just about anything.


Lululemon has established itself as a reliable brand when it comes to fitness and sports apparel. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that their products can be quite expensive. The Lululemon ABC Jogger may be a bit too pricey for many practical buyers, but its quality surely makes it valuable for its price.

It’s special ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) engineering makes it stand out among others, and you’ll quickly notice the difference once you try them on.


Right off the bat, I could tell that the Lululemon ABC Jogger is what every man would want to have, and the Anti-Ball Crushing technology in these joggers is the magnet that attracts them. We all know it can become frustrating when the boys down there aren’t comfortable, right?

These sleek-looking joggers are perfect for any occasion, no matter what your plans are. Whether it’s leg day or rest day, the Lululemon ABC Jogger is definitely a reliable and comfortable choice.

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