BJÖRN Borg Tee Review

Dressing up for a workout session is quite an easy task for most men. All they have to do is grab a shirt and a pair of bottoms from your closet; then you’re good to go.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the thing about workout shirts is that they should be different from your everyday clothes – yes, that includes your old college shirts. This is because most regular shirts are made of cotton, and that material should be avoided when choosing clothes for gym sessions.

If you ask any fitness enthusiast, most of them, if not all, would tell you that your workout gear should be sweat-wicking, breathable, and most of all, comfortable. Even if you’re particular with style and how you’ll look, you should never compromise it with how you feel.

But you don’t have to worry, with an array of athleisure products available nowadays; you’ll never run out of options.

To spare you from looking around for the perfect workout t-shirt, I did all the work for you. The BJÖRN Borg Tee is simple yet efficient when working a sweat. This shirt is said to be for people who want to feel active and attractive at the same time.

According to the brand, this is the shirt that “you’ll want to buy in bulk”. So what’s so special about it? Keep on reading to find out!

BJÖRN Borg Tee Detailed Review


This workout-shirt is a regular fit, so it’s not tight-fitting yet not baggy as well. It highlights your hard-earned muscles especially if you already have broad shoulders and chest. The BJÖRN Borg Tee is engineered for people who want are compromise on neither fit nor function.

It’s suitable for almost any activity, whether it’s a HIIT session or not. Plus, you can also wear it with your favourite casual shorts for hot days when you’re in need for a breathable shirt.


The BJÖRN Borg Tee is made of a lightweight fabric that dries quickly. It boasts a Hydro-Pro fabric that transports moisture away from the skin and keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your session.

It’s made of sustainable material, with a combination of 90% Polyester-recycled and 10% Elastane. The brand aims to contribute to a greener world, and they even include a “B.Tomorrow” label which means “better tomorrow”. This is to guarantee every customer that they’re getting a sustainable product which is a great help in protecting mother nature.


Although this shirt can be fitted, especially if you’ve been working on building those muscles, you won’t feel restricted at all. The BJÖRN Borg Tee is very stretchable, so you freely move in all directions. And because its fabric dries in a flash, you’ll feel comfortable even on your sweatiest workouts.

This breathable shirt will also help you go for longer as you’ll feel as exhausted as when you’re wearing 100% cotton tops. The shirt comes with a BORG boldly printed on each arm which is an excellent addition to its overall look.


With all of its great features and extreme functionality, it’s quite surprising that this shirt is offered at an affordable price. That’s probably why the BJÖRN Borg Tee is the type of workout shirt you’ll want to stock up on.

This is actually a workout shirt that you won’t think twice about buying. It’s available in a wide range of colours, which is also a reason to buy more than one!


If you’re not the type who’s fussy about wearing the same shirt every day, this one is for you. The BJÖRN Borg Tee looks nothing special but is functionality is unbeatable. If you’re not yet prepared to shell out a lot of money for active wear, this shirt should be on top of your list.

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