Types of Bikini Bottoms Best For Every Kind of Water Sport

Water and its bodies have a special place in our hearts. Some get instantly in love with a calm and tranquil blue river while some enjoy the turbulent and rolling currents of the sea.

That is also the reason it makes an ideal medium for sports. Today, a wide range of fitness and athletic activities happen on the water.

Water sports are adventurous, fun-filled, action-packed, and exciting. And as important as having all the passion and skills for sports that happen in the water, the bottoms we wear when doing so makes a huge difference.

Here are some of the variety of bikini bottoms that are best for the crack of summer and the start of getting fit through the water.

1. Low-rise 

This is one of the most common but stylish bikini bottom used for both the summer getaway and water sports activities. This design is low at the front, usually on or below the hipbone.

2. High Leg

This one serves more of the fashion and show-off purpose of choosing a bikini bottom. For this, thanks to the Kardashian/Jenners for making it super high-rise, above the hip bone. It’s now a Baywatch-style bikini bottom cut a trend.

Despite this, it can be a great water sports choice for securing a tight grip high up the hipbone.

3. High-Waist 

High-waist bikini bottoms are designed to naturally sit on the waist and over the hips. They beautifully show the woman’s form by fitting perfectly on a high-waist level.

They can either be low-leg for higher coverage or high-leg for a more contemporary feel.

4. Tie-Side 

As the name suggests, this design is a bikini bottom tied together at the sides. It’s mostly low-to-medium-rise in the popular bikini ‘triangle’, offering medium coverage at the back.

5. Hipster 

Hipster bikinis are the most common design that hugs the hips just right. They come with a slightly thick waistband and generally sit medium-to-low-rise.

Since this is a safe design, it has a slightly less than full coverage on the bum and the groin.

6. Shorts/Full Coverage 

This design offers the most coverage both at the bum and around the bikini line. It’s also called a ‘short brief’ design that’s just a lower version of the high-waist but gives full coverage.

7. Classic Brief 

This design falls in-between the cheeky cut and the boy shorts. It can also be a combination of the high leg and full coverage form.

It offers a good coverage over the bum, similar to knicker briefs.

Classic brief bikini bottoms

8. Cheeky 

Cheeky isn’t it? This design provides a beautiful cut at the back that exposes more of the butt cheeks than the usual designs. It has a little more coverage than the thong bikini.

These cheeky bottoms do what they say on the tin.

9. Thong

The thong bikini bottom is the ultimate design for water sports lovers who want to flaunt their cheeks or have them tanned as much as their tummies. It has minimum bum coverage and full exposure.

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