16 Inspiring Health and Fitness Credos | Motivational Workout Quotes

Last modified: May 24, 2019

16 Inspiring Health and Fitness Credos | Motivational Workout Quotes




16 Inspiring Health and Fitness Credos

16 Inspiring Health and Fitness Credos

Sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. However, chanting the right credo in your head over and over again as you push yourself to your limits to accomplish your health and fitness goals is certainly one way to go about it. These credos serve as powerful reminders that you’ll only be able to get what you want out of life when you’re fit, happy and healthy. To keep you motivated here are 16 inspiring health and fitness credos.

1. Take a stand

Take a stand

Stand for what you believe in no matter what other people think.

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2. Be bold

Be bold

You can define this credo with another – Fate favours the bold! Don’t take timid action; take BOLD action!

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3. Stay focused

Stay focused

Focus is the key to discipline. If you lose sight of why you’re working so hard in the first place, then you’ll begin to lose focus and fall off of your daily/weekly regimen.

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4. Be brave

Be Brave

When everyone else is holding themselves back due to fear, it’s only those who take risks who truly affect change in their lives.

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5. Be accountable

Be Accountable

Don’t blame a lapse of discipline on anyone or anything but yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Did you cheat on a diet? Then accept that you had a lapse in discipline and get back to it.

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6. Live your dream

Live your dream

If you imagine yourself having an amazing body, then you must work to achieve that dream and trust me when I say that it is achievable!

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7. Remember to breath

Remember to breath

Never work so hard that you forget to take a breather every once in a while to steady yourself.

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8. Keep moving forward

Keep moving forward

You may face temptations while on a diet, and you may burn while you’re exercising, but you must always keep moving forward to make progress.

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9. Charge ahead

Charge ahead

Life doesn’t sit idly by and neither should you. Charge forward and grasp the future!

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10. Think positive

Think positive

Being negative is easy. It’s a lot harder to be positive especially when you’re grinding day in and day out.

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11. Take the first step

Take the first step

Your health and fitness only begins when you take that first step on the treadmill or the first bite of a healthy diet. Until that moment comes you can only fantasize about your hopes and dreams as opposed to actually making them happen.

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12. Forget fear

Forget fear

We often let fear hold us back from accomplishing our dreams. Don’t be that person.

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13. Be above average

Be above average

If the average person spends 30 minutes a day at the gym than spend an hour! Strive to be above average!

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14. Find your stride

Find your stride

Don’t give up because you’re not seeing results right away. Keep going until you hit your stride.

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15. Make waves

Make waves

You might be surprised that the small ripple of your discipline will eventually swell into waves that others around you will begin to emulate.

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16. Test yourself

Test yourself

Don’t be afraid to push yourself to your limits. Eventually, you’ll know how much you can really take, and then you can focus on breaking that barrier in your life.

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