The Top 5 Yoga Apps for 2019 – Exercise Apps for Yoga At Home

Last modified: August 7, 2019

The Top 5 Yoga Apps for 2019 – Exercise Apps for Yoga At Home



Exercise Apps for Yoga At Home
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The Top 5 Yoga Apps for 2019 – Exercise Apps for Yoga At Home

You may want to give yoga a try if you’ve been hitting the gym and you feel your muscles are tight. Or, if you’re living a stressful lifestyle and need a reset . The best way to begin is to focus on the body. As you progress in your practice, you can take it to higher levels of mind and spirit. This wholesome practice can virtually change your life.

We all know how hard it can be to stick to a daily routine. If you’re passionate about exercise and fitness, there may still be days when you can’t get motivated. We make lists, and promises; we’ll try anything to help us maintain discipline in order to see results. The latest tool for staying motivated is the Smartphone.

Smartphone apps can be useful to both beginners and long time Yoga practitioners. The biggest problem with these apps isin deciding which one to use. Following, you will find our top5picks for Android and iOS.

Exercise Apps for Yoga At Home
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You may have heard a lot of things about yoga, one of them being that it’s boring. Down Dog app will change all that. Thanks to more than 30,000 configurations you will never have to do the same sequence. This neatly designed yoga app will help you practice wherever you want, whatever level you are. The app also features an intro to yoga, that will help you strengthen your back, if you’re a newbie. For a different experience, there’s a mix of vocal instructions and background music. For $8 per month or $50 annually, you can choose from seven instructors and target the session according to your needs and preferences.


Whether you’re a beginner trying to keep up with your daily practice or you’re on an advanced level of asana practice, this app will meet your needs. With over 200 guided classes of meditation, yoga, pilates, and some fitness plans, it will keep you busy. The instructions are given step-by-step, leading you through every movement, including some challenging poses like shoulder stand and splits. If you want to get the premium content, you will need to pay $8 a month or $40 for the whole year.


If you’ve found the perfect place in the woods or you’re at a remote beach with no internet connection, don’t worry – you can still do yoga with this app. We love that Pocket yoga downloads everything to your phone and requires no network connection. The app includes detailed visual and audio instructions which guide you through every breath in every pose. While practicing, you can play your own music, and you get to preview over 27 sessions, which makes it all that easier to choose the best one. You can select the sessions depending on the difficulty and duration, knowing they are designed by top-notch yoga instructors. Pocket yoga will log your progress along the way, and all this for $2.99


This app might just be the best representative of how powerful yoga actually is. Just like the name suggests, the app offers yoga activities lasting five minutes. You know what this means – no more excuses. The sessions are quick and effective, proving that you don’t need hours of practice to reap the benefits of yoga. These short lessons will increase your strength and flexibility and are a perfect way to begin or end your day. For premium content, you will need to pay from $2 to $10.


If you’re someone who typically goes to a studio and commits to one instructor, this app might be for you. The community around a yoga studio often is what holds us accountable, and this app is the next best thing. The app features over 100 hours of yoga, all of them with AdrieneMishler, an inspiring yogi. The setting of the sessions gives a feeling of community, a studio in your neighborhood, and you just might find your people here. Adriene will lead you through the class, and after you finish, you can leave a comment and share your feelings with others who took the course. What a cool way to meet new people! You can get this app for $10 a month.